Sunday, July 02, 2006

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Gnarlodious Posted 28 June 2006 07:14

When Iranian revolutionaries stormed the American embassy and took hundreds of hostages Jimmy Carter staggered, and 25 years later Iran is still a thorn in our side. The reasonable conclusion is that Iran should have been invaded and straightened out, but instead we encouraged their methods. Even Ronald Reagan failed to deal with the problem, further exacerbating their noncompliance with dirty weapons deals that made him look good in the short term.

Even though Israel pulled out and gave the Gaza Palestinians their own autonomous nation, they still aspire to attack Israel. Just like what happened with Iran, bargaining and whining will only encourage them to attack even more. Of course, when Israel uses a heavy hand they will be condemned by the world antisemites, so no matter what they do they are called big meanies.

Regardless of any political considerations, the Israelis will act in their own self interest, as is their right to do. All the Palestinians get out of the deal is more isolation and destruction. They are a violent and assaultive people, and as long as they fulfill the legacy of Yassir Arafat they are condemned to be losers


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