Sunday, July 23, 2006

Moron of the Week From Bizzaro Hartmann Side

Posted 22 July 2006 11:05
That's interesting, because I was listening to Thom yesterday morning on the Middle East, on Israel in particular, in response to an insightful caller, and I thought Thom was disappointingly wishy washy. Israel is definitely the oppressor with respect to Palestinians, there is no getting around this obvious fact. That doesn't justify Palestinian suicide bombers, either. But Thom presented it from the Israeli perspective to the effect that they are surrounded by all these hostile Arabs that want to wipe it out. In 1950 or 1960 one could make that case. But the Israeli govt. knows damn well it is a military superpower, the second most powerful military in the world, and its survival is not threatened and has not been threatened for a long time. So let's stop pretending otherwise, Thom. Are there some who fear that Israel is in imminent danger of being wiped out? Undoubtedly, but they are not the policymakers, not the knowledgeable ones.


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