Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Heres the LibBots Newest Conspiracy Theory

Antifascist Posted 27 June 2006 09:04
The Dominican Republic seems like a odd destination for a wealthy person like Rush to spend vacation time. Pedophilia and male prostitution are big business in the Dominican Republic.
This sounds like the shieks of Saudia Arabia that preach Islam while at home, but then fly to the Riveria to do drugs and have sex then fly back to Arabia to have people beheaded for showing an ankel

ArtJunky Posted 27 June 2006 21:13
Lush is now such an easy target for humor. He takes a private jet to a place that is notorious for prostitution and he comes back with a container of viagra that isn't his. Even funnier, he is under a court order not to get in trouble. And what is totally ironic about all this is that Right-wingers, especially Lush, are always pretending to be looking out for the morality of everyone else. Well, everyone else but themselves. So here we have a drug addict, who's been married three times, goes to an island to have sex with someone, perhaps multiple someones, that he isn't married to and comes back to the US in order to accuse Democrats of being immoral.

To me, Lush represents, perfectly, what the Right is all about. It's so absurd that it's almost funny. If only it wasn't so serious.

And what do his devoted Christian Conservative do? They still listen to him as though he's the prophet Jesus. Lush is a nasty prick, a liar and a addict that needs to leave the country to have sex. And then the Right has the audacity to say that Gay marriage will destroy the sanctity of marriage.


It's amazing what money can buy, isn't it? I wonder why he said, "I wish I could tell you about it." Hmmmm. Why can't you tell us about it Lush? Did you do any "other" drugs while you were there? Did you do something illegal? Did you do something immoral? If he's such an upstanding guy, why not tell us all the details?

To his followers. If you hold such high moral standards, why do you let this prick speak for you? Why do you let an addicted, sex-craved-assh0le, who will say anything to take your money, speak for you? And since you don't protest the life-style of this prick, how do you think you can have any sort of moral authority when the guy you honor and adore practices a life-style that is everything you wish the dems stood for?


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