Saturday, June 24, 2006

Here's a Beauty From One of the Moonbat Captains on "Global Warming"

LisaP Posted 17 June 2006 08:48
I wonder, how many tears would it take to fill an ocean?

Last year some 85 million tons of wild fish were pulled from the global oceans, 100 million sharks and related species were butchered for their fins, some 250,000 turtles became tangled in fishing gear, and 300,000 seabirds, including 100,000 albatrosses, were killed by illegal longline fishing and at least 45 snails were murdered in cold blod by human feet.

Into the water in their place went three billion individual pieces of litter - about eight million a day - joining the 46,000 pieces of discarded plastic that currently float on every square mile of ocean and kill another million seabirds each year. The water temperature rose and its alkalinity fell - both the result of climate change. Coral barriers off Australia and Belize are dying and newly discovered reefs in the Atlantic have already been destroyed by bottom trawling.


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