Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Homosexuality Put Back in it's Place

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The Vatican newspaper said on Tuesday that homosexuality risked "destabilizing people and society", had no social or moral value and could never match the importance of the relationship between a man and a woman.

The remarks were contained in a long commentary published to accompany the official release of a long-awaited document that restricted the access of homosexual men to the Roman Catholic priesthood.

The article by Monsignor Tony Anatrella, a French Jesuit and psychologist, said homosexuality could not be considered an acceptable moral alternative to heterosexuality.

"During these past years, homosexuality has become a phenomenon that is always increasingly worrying and in many countries is considered a quality that is normal," the article in L'Osservatore Romano said.

The article was specifically approved by the Vatican's secretariat of state.

"It (homosexuality) does not represent a social value and even less so a moral virtue that could add to the civilization of sexuality," Anatrella said. "It could even be seen as a destabilizing reality for people and for society."

The Catholic Church, the article said, had a duty to reaffirm its position that homosexuality is "against conjugal life, the life of the family, and priestly life".

"In no case is this form of sexuality a sexual alternative, or even less, a reality that is equivalent to that which is shared by a man and a woman engaged in matrimonial life," the Italian-language article said.

"It (homosexuality) cannot be encouraged or even less so, supported with pastoral initiatives," it said in an apparent reference to Catholic priests who administer to homosexuals without reminding them of the Church's position against gay sex.

It said homosexuality was "a sexual tendency and not an identity" and repeated the Church's stand against allowing gays to marry or to adopt children. It also called homosexuality "an incomplete and immature part of human sexuality".

It repeated some themes in the Vatican document, and added a list of ways seminary directors could determine if a candidate for the priesthood had overcome homosexual tendencies or risked not being able to respect the Church rule of priestly celibacy.

Serial Criminal Berger Nabbed Again

FAIRFAX, Va. - Former national security adviser Sandy Berger pleaded guilty Tuesday to reckless driving after an officer clocked him at 88 mph in a 55-mph zone. A judge fined him $250.

Berger did not speak during his brief appearance before Judge Richard Horan in Fairfax County General District Court. His lawyer entered the guilty plea on his behalf.

Berger, who served as national security adviser under President Clinton, was ticketed Sept. 10 while heading east on Interstate 66, a major highway into Washington. Berger was required to report the ticket to the probation office of U.S. District Court because he is on two years' probation for smuggling classified documents out of the National Archives last year.

Berger admitted destroying some of the documents and then lying about it. He called his actions a lapse of judgment that came while he was preparing to testify before the Sept. 11 commission last year. The documents he took contained information on terror threats in the United States during the 2000 millennium celebration.

In addition to probation in that case, Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson fined Berger $50,000 and sentenced him to 100 hours of community service. She later admonished Berger for violating probation by getting ticketed for reckless driving, but did not punish him further.

The misdemeanor reckless driving charge carried a maximum penalty of 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine.

November 29, 2005

I held my nose and listened to a portion of the show today. Thom was playing the clip of Algore screaming "HE BETRAYED THIS COUNTRY. HE PLAYED ON OUR FEARS" in a speach portraying our President as a liar.

Does Thom know that talk show hosts across the nation play this clip to demonstrate what a nut job Gore is and to laugh at him and thank God that this imbecile wasn't allowed to steal the 2000 election?



Ten days ago Governor Dean asked Democrats to stand up for decorated combat veteran and Democratic Congressman Jack Murtha, who was under attack for speaking up about Iraq. More than 115,000 of you sent Murtha notes of encouragement, letting him know you would not be silent as Republicans try to score political points by attacking veterans.

In your letters, many of you singled out freshman Congresswoman Jean Schmidt, who had the audacity to call Jack Murtha a coward on the floor of the United States House of Representatives. (That's the same Jack Murtha who served 37 years in the Marine Corps, who received the Bronze Star, two purple hearts, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, and the Navy Distinguished Service Medal.)

You asked what you could do to turn the heat up on Jean Schmidt and show Republicans that questioning the service of our veterans isn't fair game. One great idea that many of you suggested was placing billboards in their home districts. So, at your suggestion, here's the proposal.

From this day forward, the Democratic Party will commit to putting up a "Shame on You" billboard in the home district of any Republican who attacks a veteran's service in order to score political points.

The first billboard will go up near Jean Schmidt's district office in Portsmouth, Ohio. The message: "Shame on You, Jean Schmidt: Stop Attacking Veterans. Keep Your Eye on the Ball -- We Need a Real Plan for Iraq HEY WHERE'S THE DEMORAT PLAN. OH YEA ITS CALLED SURRENDER".

If you contribute now the billboard can be up next week. Your donation right now will take the fight right into Schmidt's backyard -- and the backyard of any Republican who values political posture over a veteran's service:


We have seen this pattern from Republican leaders before. Every time a veteran -- Democrat or Republican -- challenges their authority, people who never served in combat (George Bush, Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and the rest) feel that they have the right to attack the courage and patriotism of those who have.

It happened to Vietnam veterans John McCain, Max Cleland, and John Kerry, and now to a man who served in Korea and Vietnam, Jack Murtha. We cannot let this continue -- we need to send a strong message that this kind of attack will not be tolerated.

Even after being forced to retract her words on the House floor, Jean Schmidt wouldn't back down or admit that attacking veterans' service is out of bounds. Last week, appearing on a local radio show in Southern Ohio, Schmidt said the biggest lesson she had learned from the incident was: "Not to wear the red dress."

Obviously these billboards need to get up as soon as possible. In order to get them up before the holidays, we need to place the order by 7 AM Thursday. A $50 contribution right now will send a very powerful message to Jean Schmidt -- and make other Republican leaders think twice before attacking the courage of those who challenge them:


The time has come to stop this kind of dirty political smearing once and for all. America's veterans deserve better treatment, and the American people deserve a more honest debate about our national security.

You can make it happen.

Thank you,

Tom McMahon
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

Torture Works: Just Ask John McCain

Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2005 9:55 a.m. EST
John McCain: Torture Worked on Me

Sen. John McCain is leading the charge against so-called "torture" techniques allegedly used by U.S. interrogators, insisting that practices like sleep deprivation and withholding medical attention are not only brutal - they simply don't work to persuade terrorist suspects to give accurate information.

Nearly forty years ago, however - when McCain was held captive in a North Vietnamese prison camp - some of the same techniques were used on him. And - as McCain has publicly admitted at least twice - the torture worked!

In his 1999 autobiography, "Faith of My Fathers," McCain describes how he was severely injured when his plane was shot down over Hanoi - and how his North Vietnamese interrogators used his injuries to extract information.

"Demands for military information were accompanied by threats to terminate my medical treatment if I did not cooperate," he wrote.

"I thought they were bluffing and refused to provide any information beyond my name, rank and serial number, and date of birth. They knocked me around a little to force my cooperation."

The punishment finally worked, McCain said. "Eventually, I gave them my ship's name and squadron number, and confirmed that my target had been the power plant."

Recalling how he gave up military information to his interrogators, McCain said: "I regret very much having done so. The information was of no real use to the Vietnamese, but the Code of Conduct for American Prisoners of War orders us to refrain from providing any information beyond our names, rank and serial number."

The episode wasn't the only instance when McCain broke under physical pressure.

Just after his release in May 1973, he detailed his experience as a P.O.W. in a lengthy account in U.S. News & World Report.

He described the day Hanoi Hilton guards beat him "from pillar to post, kicking and laughing and scratching. After a few hours of that, ropes were put on me and I sat that night bound with ropes."

"For the next four days, I was beaten every two to three hours by different guards . . . Finally, I reached the lowest point of my 5 1/2 years in North Vietnam. I was at the point of suicide, because I saw that I was reaching the end of my rope."

McCain was taken to an interrogation room and ordered to sign a document confessing to war crimes. "I signed it," he recalled. "It was in their language, and spoke about black crimes, and other generalities."

"I had learned what we all learned over there," McCain said. "Every man has his breaking point. I had reached mine."

That McCain broke under torture doesn't make him any less of an American hero. But it does prove he's wrong to claim that harsh interrogation techniques simply don't work.

Monday, November 28, 2005


Hannity igniting revolt
against left-wing profs
Sick of indoctrination, Sean urges students to expose propaganda

Posted: November 28, 2005
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Joe Kovacs
© 2005 WorldNetDaily.com
College students bombarded with the personal political views of their professors are being urged by talk-show host Sean Hannity to fight back with hard evidence of purported indoctrination.

"All you college kids out there, check your state laws, check your campus laws," said Sean Hannity on his national radio program.

"Get your little tape recorders if legal, and I want you to start recording these left-wingers. Bring it to this program and we'll start airing it every single time on this program. I'm sick of this indoctrination. I'm sick of this left-wing propaganda."

Hannity's call to action to comes in the wake of the case of Rebecca Beach, a 19-year-old freshman at Warren County Community College in Washington, N.J., who, as WorldNetDaily first reported, was sharply rebuked by an English professor for her announcement of a campus program featuring decorated Iraq war hero Lt. Col. Scott Rutter.

In an e-mail from professor John Daly to Beach, Daly wrote: "Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors."

John Daly

He also said he would ask his students to boycott the event and vowed "to expose [her] right-wing, anti-people politics until groups like [Rebecca's] won't dare show their face on a college campus."

"That's free and open exchange of ideas and opinions on a college campus," Hannity commented sarcastically. "That's really cultivating freedom of thought."

WND broke the news that Daly submitted his resignation Tuesday just moments before an emergency meeting by the college's board of trustees to decide his fate.

But according to Hannity, the resignation is not the end of the case, saying, "This ought to be the beginning."

"This is now the new paradigm that I want to see college kids around the country pick up on," he said. "That is whenever you have the left-wing professors that are abusive to conservatives, that degrade you, that call you names, that use ad-hominem attacks, that are punishing you for your political point of view, that are purposely trying to indoctrinate you with extremist left-wing views – if it is legal, tape them. If it is not legal, take verbatim notes, get witnesses, bring these articles to the school newspapers, bring it to the local media. Expose these people for the abusive professors that they are, and I guarantee you when there's a series of these instances where we expose these people, I guarantee you this indoctrination process is going to stop dead in its tracks. ...

"Fear is a great motivator, and the fear that these left-wingers are going to get fired or be held accountable for their mean-spirited comments against people or their indoctrination is going to be the single-biggest motivation we ever see to get them to stop doing what they're doing to college kids around the country."

Beach agreed, telling Hannity, "It is intimidating, and [professors] will tell you things to make you not want to stand out and expose them. The American people need to know what they're paying for, what they're paying for their children to receive at these schools. It's not an education, it's indoctrination, and they're intimidated from speaking out the truth that they know."

The scant newspaper coverage of the case was also blasted by fellow talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, who noted the headline in New Jersey's Express-Times newspaper Wednesday read, "Provoked professor leaves WCCC post."

"Provoked professor? Unbelievable!" exclaimed Limbaugh. "Not that the student was provoked, not that the school was provoked, not that the Iraq war vet was provoked, and not that the commanding officers in Iraq were provoked, because it was suggested by this guy that they be shot."

On that aspect, Beach told Hannity, "They really turned the tables and they make it look like I am restricting his free speech rights now as an American citizen where that's not even what it was to begin with. ... It makes me look like the bad guy."

Hannity offered to speak at the college to help defend Beach, and is hoping to face Daly in person, despite the fact he quit his position.

"It's really brave of him to pick on a 19-year-old girl," Hannity said. "I want to see him send such an e-mail to me. And I dare this guy to come and debate me at this college. I'll even pay him to come debate me. And he needs a job now."

Saturday, November 26, 2005


We will be providing a list of all students who wish to tape their anti-American professors spewing seditious lies about this administration and the country in general. This is an all out attack on the left. We will not take their threats anymore. This list will be provided to the Hannity show; who I am sure would gladly contribute to this effort to open up dialogue on our campuses and stop the drowning of conservative thought through outright intimidation from their libeal educators.

Friday, November 25, 2005


The mother of a fallen soldier who led a vigil against the war in Iraq outside President Bush's ranch returned to Texas, saying she is "heartbroken" that the troops are not home.

When Cindy Sheehan arrived at the Waco airport Thursday, three dozen supporters erupted into cheers and tears and grabbed her for lengthy embraces. Before they whisked her back to Crawford, the group chanted, "Stop the war! Bring them home now!"

"I feel happy to be back here with all my friends ... but I'm heartbroken that we have to be here again," said Sheehan, who hoped to arrive earlier in the week, but was delayed by a family emergency. "We will keep pressing and we won't give up until our troops are brought home."

Sheehan asked protesters to return to Crawford this week during Bush's family Thanksgiving gathering. She was unknown when she set up camp outside Bush's ranch during his August vacation, but as the vigil drew thousands, she attracted national attention.

Friday, Sheehan's itinerary included attending a dedication of a garden at the Crawford Peace House in honor of her 24-year-old son, Casey, who died in Iraq last year. An anti-war rally was scheduled at a downtown park Saturday.

A few miles away in a field beside the main road leading to Bush's ranch, a Bush supporter set up camp Thursday with a tent and signs saying "A Noble Cause" showing pictures of smiling Iraqi children.

The war protesters' camp this week is at the same 1-acre private lot that a landowner let them use in August when Sheehan's original campsite became too crowded. The grassy lot is about a mile from Bush's ranch.

Before Sheehan's arrival, more than 100 protesters at the camp ate a traditional Iraqi meal for Thanksgiving _ salmon, lentils, rice with almonds and a salad of parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers and bulgur wheat. They said they wanted to call attention to the innocent Iraqi victims in addition to the more than 2,100 U.S. soldiers killed since the war began in March 2003.

"It's significant because the people of Iraq are suffering under our occupation, and for people in America it's business as usual stuffing themselves on fat turkeys," said Tammara Rosenleaf, whose husband is an Army soldier to be deployed in a few weeks.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Hometown Paper Slams Michael Moore's Hypocrisy

Monday, Nov. 21, 2005 10:14 a.m. EST
Flint, Mich. Paper Slams Michael Moore's Hypocrisy

Even Michael Moore’s hometown newspaper is slamming the filmmaker over revelations contained in Peter Schweizer’s blockbuster new book.

In "Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy," Schweizer exposes Moore's "fake public persona,” the Flint Journal states in a review.

Moore proudly points to his upbringing in the working-class Michigan city, a former United Auto Workers Union stronghold, and much of his movie "Roger & Me” was filmed there.

But Moore does his film production in Canada to avoid paying union scale and threatened to fire half of his TV show's writing staff when they wanted to join a union, reviewer David Forsmark reports after reading Schweizer’s book.

"He's a proponent of affirmative action but never has hired a black person to do anything important on one of his projects.

"Moore claims he owns no stock and only puts ‘what little I can’ in ‘something the old-timers call a savings account’ - yet Schweizer writes that he owns stock in defense contractors and Halliburton.

"Moore says he gives away 40 percent of his money, but Schweizer reports that his tax returns show his foundations give the minimum necessary to stay tax exempt.”

Schweizer also exposes the hypocrisy of such high-profile liberals as Barbra Streisand, Ralph Nader, Nancy Pelosi, Al Franken, Noam Chomsky and Hillary Clinton, the review points out.

"Could the reason Streisand, Franken and Moore advocate for affirmative action be because they know from looking at themselves that it is necessary?” reviewer Forsmark concludes.

"After all, if these bitter enemies of racism and sexism can't be trusted to hire a diverse group of people, what hope can there be for corporate America to do so?

"Perhaps Moore rails against globalization because he knows first-hand about the insidious lure of cheap, foreign scab labor.”


GM to Cut 30,000 Jobs, Close 9 Plants
Nov 21 9:58 AM US/Eastern

AP Auto Writer


General Motors Corp. will eliminate 30,000 manufacturing jobs and close nine North American assembly, stamping and powertrain plants by 2008 as part of an effort to get production in line with demand and return the company to profitability and long-term growth.

The announcement Monday by Rick Wagoner, chairman and CEO of the world's largest automaker, represents 5,000 more job cuts than the 25,000 that the automaker had previously indicated it planned to cut.

GM said the assembly plants that will close are in Oklahoma City, Lansing, Mich., Spring Hill, Tenn., Doraville, Ga., and Ontario, Canada. A shift also will be removed at a plant in Moraine, Ohio.

An engine facility in Flint, Mich., will close, along with a separate powertrain facility in Ontario and metal centers in Lansing and Pittsburgh.

Wagoner said GM also will close three service and parts operations facilities. They are in Ypsilanti, Mich., and Portland, Ore. One other site will to be announced later.

"The decisions we are announcing today were very difficult to reach because of their impact on our employees and the communities where we live and work," Wagoner told employees. "But these actions are necessary for GM to get its costs in line with our major global competitors. In short, they are an essential part of our plan to return our North American operations to profitability as soon as possible."

GM said the plan is to achieve $7 billion in cost reductions on a running rate basis by the end of 2006 _ $1 billion above its previously indicated target.

The company said it would take a "significant" restructuring charge in conjunction with the changes and any related early retirement program. Details of those charges would be released later, GM said.

Any early retirement program would require an agreement with its unions, which GM said it hopes to reach soon.

GM shares rose 18 cents to $24.23 in early trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Its shares traded below $21 last week at an 18-year low.

Wagoner said last month the automaker would announce plant closures by the end of this year to get its capacity in line with U.S. demand. GM plants currently run at 85 percent of their capacity, lower than North American plants run by its Asian rivals. The plant closings aren't expected to be final until GM's current contract with the United Auto Workers expires in 2007.

GM has been crippled by high labor, pension, health care and materials costs as well as by sagging demand for sport utility vehicles, its longtime cash cows, and by bloated plant capacity. Its market share has been eroded by competition from Asian automakers led by Toyota Motor Corp. GM lost nearly $4 billion in the first nine months of this year.

The automaker could be facing a strike at Delphi Corp., its biggest parts supplier, which filed for bankruptcy protection last month. GM spun off Delphi in 1999 and could be liable for billions in pension costs for Delphi retirees.

GM also is under investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for accounting errors.

Last week, after the automaker's shares fell to their lowest level in 18 years, Wagoner sent an e-mail to employees saying the company has a turnaround strategy in place and has no plans to file for bankruptcy.

GM is not the only U.S. automaker faced with the need to cut costs.

Last week, Ford Motor Co. told employees it plans to eliminate about 4,000 white-collar jobs in North America early next year as part of a restructuring plan. Ford said the cuts will be made in part through attrition and elimination of some agency and contract positions.

The plans were outlined Friday in an e-mail to employees from Mark Fields, president for the Americas.

The cuts will be in addition to 2,750 North American salaried jobs that Ford earlier said it wanted to cut by the end of 2005. Ford started the year with about 35,000 salaried workers in North America.

Dearborn-based Ford reported a third-quarter loss of $284 million, including a loss of $1.2 billion before taxes in North America.

Bush Iraq Policy Gets 403-3 Victory: Stay the Course

Sunday, Nov. 20, 2005 11:16 a.m. EST
J.D. Hayworth Led Charge That Exposed Dems' War Hypocrisy

Who was it who came up with the brilliant political strategy that called on Democrats Friday to put up or shut up on their Iraq war complaints?

None other than Arizona Republican Rep. J.D. Hayworth, whose push for a full House vote on Rep. John Murtha's call for an immediate pullout had Democrats first squirming, then fuming that it was unfair for the GOP to call their bluff.

The result: a 403 to 3 rout that turned the tables on the chorus of complainers - and had Republicans cheering that finally someone had figured out how to use their congressional majority effectively.

Hayworth said the move wasn't designed as a political stunt, as frustrated reporters tried to pretend on Saturday.

"It's not a game. It is very serious," he told the Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes" Friday night, just hours before the vote. "We are going to clear up the ambiguity so our enemies overseas will squirm . . . and we will make sure our troops continue to deliver in the global war on terror."

Earlier in the day, the Arizona Republican had enlisted the help of House Armed Services Committee chairman and Vietnam War hero Rep. Duncan Hunter, who drafted a resolution asking whether members thought "that the deployment of United States forces in Iraq be terminated immediately."

Later Hayworth said that Murtha's pullout call had sent the message that America was prepared to cut and run in the war on terror.

"That may not have been his intent," he told "Hannity & Colmes." "[But] that was the message that was conveyed. And so we need to go on record and clear up the ambiguity for our men and women in harm's way and for our enemies who may misinterpret this."

"As the people's representatives, we owe it to the troops in the field, we owe it the American people, to have a clarity of purpose," the Arizona conservative told Sean Hannity on his ABC Radio show earlier in the day.

Hayworth said the Iraq vote gave the House the chance to either "stand behind our armed forces - or to adopt what I believe would be the ill-advised result of surrender."

When the smoke finally cleared in the House chamber Friday night, not even Rep. Murtha had voted to back his own call for immediate withdrawal.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Brilliant: News Media Distortion About John Murtha

The News Media Distortion About John Murtha:

With President Bush and Vice President Cheney
fighting back against the Democrats and the mainstream news media in
their quest to shore up support for the Iraq conflict, reporters have
decided to help the Democrats in their attempt garner public support
for retreat and surrender. In fact, they're using a politician they
used over a year ago to do it.

While the media always tell Americans that up to
60% of Americans are unhappy with the US involvement in Iraq, what they
don't report is that the same polls show up to 56% don't believe we
should cut and run. That we must finish the job. The media also don't
tell Americans that there are those of us who are unhappy with the way
the war is going because we believe we're not being fierce enough and
we're fed up with this politically correct combat strategy.

So the news media attended a press coference held by Democrat
Congressman John Murtha of Pennsylvania and willingly distorted the
facts to assist the French-wing of the Democrat Party.

Here's a sample of the reporting, using part of an Associated Press story:

An influential House Democrat who voted for the Iraq war called
Thursday for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

"It is time for a change in direction," said Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa.,
one of Congress' most hawkish Democrats. "Our military is suffering,
the future of our country is at risk. We cannot continue on the present
course. It is evident that continued military action in Iraq is not in
the best interests of the United States of America, the Iraqi people or
the Persian Gulf region."

Breathtaking lead, don't you think? But is this news? Let's dissect just these few sentences of an article rife with bias.

Notice how when they wish to stretch the truth as to the importance of
a Democrat, the media suddenly make him or her an "influential" House
Democrat or Senate Democrat. Murtha has one vote in a body with
hundreds of votes. He's no more influential than Rep. Charlie Rangel.
He may have a big mouth, but he's no more influential than most members
of congress. It's doubtful Murtha even has 100% influence over the
voters in his own district. So AP, cut out that influential stuff. In
fact, try to remember what you were taught in journalism school --
don't editorialize using adjectives.

Then the AP story attempts to build this image of one of congress' most
"hawkish" Democrats. Unfortunately, we're supposed to take the AP's
word for it because they provide no examples of what makes Rep. Murtha
so hawkish. Perhaps he was just pretending to be for the war effort in
order to ensure his re-election in those bygone days when Americans
felt an overwhelming surge of patriotism. And it's not like Murtha woke
up yesterday and started to trumpet his opposition to America's
military effort in Iraq. In truth, Murtha has been blatantly anti-war
for well over a year now. In fact, he's advocated negotiating with
Al-Qaeda and other terrorists, something absent from the news coverage
of this influential hawk. He was one of the first congressman to
annouce 18 months ago that the war in Iraq was unwinnable.

The fact of the matter is the Murtha story is a non-story. It's
designed to help the Democrats opposed to the war or Democrats trying
to score points with the radical and French wings of their party. It's
designed to throw out statements opposed to speeches given by Bush and

Here's some more drama from the same AP story:

Murtha estimated that all U.S. troops could be pulled out within six
months. A decorated Vietnam veteran, he choked back tears during his
remarks to reporters.

Murtha's comments came just two days after the Senate voted to approve
a statement that 2006 "should be a period of significant transition to
full Iraqi sovereignty" to create the conditions for the phased
withdrawal of US forces.

What is it with these wimpy politicians always choking back tears as
they mug for the TV cameras and reporters? What's he crying about
anyway? It's America's sons and daughters who are over there fighting
for their country. And even though the news media bury polls of our
military, the truth is that over 75% of them support what we're doing
in Iraq. The news media seem to lovingly embrace any soldier who
denigrates the war and Commander-in-Chief, such a Jimmy Massey, and
then we learn the guy has an agenda. So what's all this garbage about
Murtha choking back tears. And the AP story mention Murtha's tears not
once but twice.

I'm not going to quote the number of times the AP reporter mentions
Murtha was a Vietnam vet, but nowadays that doesn't mean much since
John Kerry tried to ride his four months in Nam into the Oval Office.
It's also noticeable to this writer that reporters within the elite
media attempt to insert Vietnam as many times as possible into their
articles about Iraq. The only similarity between Vietnam and Iraq is
the grown up hippies who are anti-war zealots and the ladies and
gentlemen of the press who actively undermine America's will to win.

Jim Kouri


Galloway heaps praise on Syrian regime


GEORGE Galloway has praised the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, for his dignity, referring to him as the last of the Arab leaders and his country as the last fortress against western aggressors.

In a speech that will incense Syrian democracy campaigners, the former Glasgow MP urged Syrians to take pride in the Baathist authoritarian, who inherited rule from his father, Hafez Assad.

An anticipated UN report into the assassination of Rafiq Hariri, the former Lebanese prime minister, would "frame" Syria, Mr Galloway told an audience at the University of Damascus in a highly charged lecture.

"All dignified people in the world, whether Arabs or Muslims or others with dignity, are very proud of the speech made by president Bashar al-Assad a few days ago here in Damascus," he said.

"For me he is the last Arab ruler, and Syria is the last Arab country. It is the fortress of the remaining dignity of the Arabs, and that's why I'm proud to be here."

The Respect MP, who formerly sat for Labour in Glasgow, has some track record for praising isolated leaders: in 1994 he travelled to Baghdad and "saluted" Saddam Hussein's courage.

He was thrown out of the Labour Party for his opposition to the Iraq war and remarks describing Tony Blair and George Bush as "wolves".

In his latest speech, broadcast on al-Jazeera, Mr Galloway said Iraqi resistors were defeating US soldiers on their soil.

"No American soldier who leaves his barracks can be sure that he will come back alive," he said, to applause.

US forces could not control a single street in Iraq, which was why they would not dare invade Syria, he said.

"America is losing the war in Iraq and she cannot dream of starting a new war in Syria," he said.

"If they dared to invade Syria, every dignified person in the country would fight them exactly as the people of Iraq are fighting them now."

Syrians would rise up and fight Americans in the same way that the British had resisted Nazi occupiers, he said.

"Of course there were collaborators in Britain who would have collaborated with Hitler if he had landed, but the vast majority of British people would have fought Hitler, with their teeth, if necessary, because no free people will allow itself to be occupied by a foreign army, and Syria is a free people and will never agree to such an invasion."

But such a war was not likely to be instigated as President George Bush's power was ebbing away, while, in Britain, "these are the final days of Tony Blair", Mr Galloway said.

"I say to you, citizens of the last Arab country, this is a time for courage, for unity, for wisdom, for determination, to face these enemies with the dignity your president has shown, and I believe, God willing, we will prevail and triumph," he added.

Mr Galloway's speech was well received by his audience of Syrians, who feel aggrieved at the demonisation of their country.

Syria has been blamed for a string of terrorist offences, from orchestrating suicide bombings in Israel to fuelling the insurgency in Iraq by allowing fighters across the border.

The latest allegations, linking Syria to the Hariri assassination, were emphatically denied by Mr Assad, whose regime is facing an investigation by the UN.

In his lecture, Mr Galloway referred to Detlev Mehlis, the UN investigator probing the killing, as someone who had a "record of framing Arab countries".

Mr Mehlis had framed Libya for the 1986 bombing of the La Belle disco in Berlin, Mr Galloway said.

Three of those sentenced for the attack worked at the Libyan embassy in what was then East Germany.

Although Libya has accepted responsibility and paid compensation, Mr Galloway cast doubts in a remark that will give succour to conspiracy theorists.

"Everybody should be aware that the verdict of the Mehlis inquiry was already fixed before he began his investigation," Mr Galloway said. "This murder of Hariri was deliberately planned and executed precisely to implicate Syria and to set in train the events which have unfolded."


Hillary Clinton Irked by Children's Book

New York Sen. Hillary Clinton is attacking a children's book that depicts her as an inveterate liberal who tries to regulate a lemonade stand run by two budding entrepeneurs.

The book, "Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed!," by Katharine DeBrecht, stars "Congresswoman Clunkton" - a kind of cartoon verson of Nurse Ratched in a pantsuit who orders the young boys to reduce the sugar in their lemonade and add broccoli to each glass,

"Can’t wait for the sequel, Help! Mom! I Can’t Read This Book Because Republicans Have Cut Literacy Programs!” Clinton's spokesman Philippe Reines fumed recently in comments to The Hill newspaper.

A few days later, the Hillary flak lauched another attack.

"It’s not the liberal under the bed that they should be worried about,” he snapped, "it’s the sales that are in the basement.”

In fact, "Help! Mom!" has been flying off bookstore shelves since its release in September, topping the Barnes & Noble bestseller list and climbing on Amazon's list to just behind ""Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."

DeBrecht tells NewsMax that she wrote "Help! Mom!" because there were no childrens' books written from a conservative perspective.

On the other side of the political aisle, she noted, children are inundated with books like "It's Just a Plant: A Children's Story of Marijuana" and "No George, No: The Reparenting of George W. Bush "

"I can cite a ton of examples on the left that constantly attack conservatism," DeBrecht said. "But there was nothing there to basically teach traditional values."

The South Carolina-based writer got the idea for "Help! Mom!" after watching the 2000 GOP convention with her own young boys. Four years later, DeBrecht saw an ad on NewsMax.com for Xulon Press and self-published her story.

"Help! Mom!" caught the eye of Florida talk radio host Greg Allen, who put DeBrecht on his "Right Balance" radio show.

Allen helped put her in touch with World Ahead publishing, which reissued DeBrecht's book with new artwork under its Kids Ahead imprint.

Just two days after it was re-published in Sept. 2004, "Help! Mom!" was touted by conservative mega star Rush Limbaugh, who said his "hat was off" to the conservative children's book writer.

The endorsement catapulted "Help Mom" to the top of the Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestseller lists.

Liberal reaction was swift. One left-wing Web site began comparing DeBrecht’s book to Nazi propaganda. Another, the Democratic Underground, trashed her as one of their "Top 10 Conservative Idiots.”

Far from slowing DeBrecht down, however, the overheated response has only encouraged her to begin a new project - turning her "Help! Mom!" book into a full-blown series.

Pending titles include: "Help! Mom! Hollywood Is in My Hamper!," "Help! Mom! There Are Lawyers in My Lunchbox!" and "Help! Mom! The Ninth Circuit Nabbed the Nativity!"

Thursday, November 17, 2005


We may even see, after 2006, and subsequent impeachment proceedings..President Pelosi, she will be Speaker of the House in '06.

How does someone's mind even get to a place to even consider this as possible?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2005 6:50 p.m. EST
Jeanine Pirro Blasts Hillary's Party for Ex-Klansman

New York Senate hopeful Jeanine Pirro is blasting 2008 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton for throwing a birthday party tonight for Ku Klux Klansman-turned-Senator Robert Byrd at the home of a civil rights pioneer.

"It's outrageous and shocking that Senator Clinton and her Democrat colleagues would choose Frederick Douglass' house to honor Senator Robert Byrd, who has a history of involvement with hate groups and has used racial slurs publicly," Pirro spokeswoman Andrea Tantaros told the Associated Press.

"Any person who has made racially insensitive comments and participated in groups that promote ethnic prejudice - Republican or Democrat - does not deserve support from a United States senator, especially the senator from New York, at a landmark that is so cherished by those who respect and honor racial equality," Pirro's spokeswoman added.

Byrd joined the Klan in 1943 and rose the level of Kleagle before being unanimously elected to the office of Grand Cyclops. He claims to have resigned a few months later. But in 1946 Byrd wrote the Klan's Grand Imperial Wizard to express his support.

"Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth," the top Democrat urged.

Byrd led the filibuster of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and called notorious white supremacist Sen. Richard B. Russell, who was chiefly remembered for blocking anti-lynching legislation, "my mentor." In 1972 Byrd sponsored legislation to name the Senate's main office building after Russell.

As recently as 2001, the West Virginia Democrat was still using the N-word in television interviews.

Mrs. Clinton's spokesman, Howard Wolfson, defended her tribute to the longtime racist, saying Pirro's criticism was off base.

"Sadly, Ms. Pirro continues to wage a campaign of insults and attacks instead of offering New Yorkers a positive agenda," he said, without explaining why Mrs. Clinton was honoring the one-time nightrider.

The former first lady's tribute to Byrd is sure to spark comparisons with Sen. Trent Lott, who had to resign his Senate leadership post after he praised the late Senator Strom Thurmond at his 100th birthday party.

Though Thurmond was once a pro-segregationist Dixiecrat - he never joined the Klan.

Unlike the Lott episode, however, it's not clear whether any toasts to the ex-Klansman by prominent Democrats will be videotaped.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005



Monday, November 14, 2005



Why fears of nuclear power aren't science, but unscientific scaremongering

Why species are increasing, not disappearing

Why global warming (and other temperature changes) are not caused by humans (remember the Ice Age?)

Why embryonic stem cell research is snake oil medicine (which is why it needs government subsidies)

Why Darwinism is crumbling

Why the story line of the brave scientist Galileo versus an ignorant Church is wrong

And much, much more


Monday, Nov. 14, 2005 11:55 a.m. EST
Liberal Coalition Plans War on Alito

A coalition of liberal activist groups is seeking to move the debate over Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr. beyond abortion and onto other issues, such as police searches and employment discrimination.

Anonymous sources told The New York Times that the "usual suspects” coalition – which includes NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood, People for the American Way, the AFL-CIO, the NAACP, and the Sierra Club – will spend several million dollars in an advertising campaign on national cable networks and in the home states of pivotal senators.

Sean Rushton, executive director of the conservative Committee for Justice, told the Times that the ad campaign could help Alito by allowing conservatives to mount a counter-attack. When he testifies, Rushton said of Alito, conservative commercials "will just paint the accusers as the shrill and extreme ones.”

The Times notes that the coalition’s new strategy could be related to their difficulty in proving Alito’s alleged hostility to abortion rights.

But, Ralph Neas, president of People for the American Way, told the Times they are broadening their attacks to show that the battle is more than just abortion rights.

The goal, Neas told the Times, is "to make clear that that is one of many issues” in "an epic struggle between two competing and radically different judicial philosophies.”

A Monday report in the Washington Times might change the direction of the attacks. The Times reports Alito wrote - in an application to become deputy assistant to Attorney General Edwin I. Meese II in 1985 - that "the Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion.

"I am particularly proud,” Alito continued, "of my contributions in recent cases in which the government has argued in the Supreme Court that racial and ethnic quotas should not be allowed and that the Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion.”

The statements conflict with opinions Alito signed as a judge on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia, where he agreed with abortion proponents in three of four rulings in his 15-year tenure on the federal bench.

An anonymous Republican official defended Alito to the Times.

"The issue is not Judge Alito’s political views during the Reagan administration 20 years ago,” he said. "It’s his 15 years of jurisprudence, which can be evaluated in hundreds of opinions. And in none of those opinions is it evident what his political philosophy is.”

”Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” he continued, "had a long history of advocacy on behalf of liberal causes, but she was evaluated on her 13-year record as a federal judge and her jurisprudence, not her belief that there was a constitutional right to prostitution or polygamy.”


Sunday, Nov. 13, 2005 7:17 p.m. EST
Gore: Global Warming More Serious Than Terrorism

The United States has been waging a war on international terrorism for more than four years, but what does Al Gore think is a more serious issue?

Global warming.

In in interview with Australia's The Age, the 2000 Democratic presidential nominee and former senator drew parallels between those who dispute global warming, and its investment implications, with Neville Chamberlain and others who wanted to appease the Nazis before World War II.

Winston Churchill warned in the 1930s that a storm was gathering and democratic nations would be forced to "sip from the bitter cup" until they reasserted their moral authority.

"The time of half-measure has passed. We are entering a period of consequences," says Gore, quoting Churchill.

"What changed in the U.S. with Hurricane Katrina was a feeling that we have entered a period of consequences and that bitter cup will be offered to us again and again until we exert our moral authority and respond appropriately," he says. "I don't want to diminish the threat of terrorism at all, it is extremely serious, but on a long-term global basis, global warming is the most serious problem we are facing."

Gore is the co-founder and chairman of the British-based sustainable investing company Generation Investment.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Rush Limbaugh: Saddam Needs Dems' Help

Top conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh had some advice on Monday for Saddam Hussein's lawyers: Pay attention to Democrats in Congress, who have already formulated a defense strategy for the Iraqi dictator that would make the late Johnnie Cochran blush.

First, said Limbaugh, Saddam's lawyers should demand a postponement until Senate Democrats finish the discovery phase of the trial [i.e., yet another weapons of mass destruction investigation].

Saddam should tell the judge, "The honorable Senate Democrats in the United States are doing an honorable investigation to find out exactly what happened to cause me to lose my country."

"And until these honorable Senate Democrats in the United States get every one of their questions answered about the manipulation and the distortion of the intelligence . . . I can't get a fair trial, until all these questions are answered by the Senate Democrats."

Saddam's witness list, said the conservative talker, should include prominent war critics like Sens. Dick Durbin, Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer and Jay Rockefeller.

Or, as Saddam himself might tell the court:

"If I get my trial in the United States of America as I so rightly deserve, I, Saddam Hussein, would like to call Dick Durbin as a witness because he would be able to testify that US troops are like Nazi storm troopers.

"He would be able to testify that US troops are no different than the murdering thugs of Pol Pot and the gulags of Stalin.

"I would next call Senator Kennedy who would be able to testify that US troops are no better than Hussein's thugs -- my thugs.

"I would call Michael Isikoff of Newsweek magazine. He would be able to testify how US troops mistreat prisoners by flushing their Korans down the toilet at G'itmo."

And Saddam should demand, said Limbaugh, that the U.S. return his country - based on Democrat complaints.

"Bush is a liar!" he should tell the court. "He lied about the reasons for and the need to invade my country, and I want it back."

In another page borrowed from the Democrats' playbook, Saddam should urge Bush's impeachment.

"It is George Bush who should be impeached and convicted in his own country and then tried at The Hague in my place. Not me. I had nothing to do with 9/11. Yet I'm the one paying the price."

Ted Kennedy couldn't have said it better himself.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005



November 8, 2005

Finally the host conceded that the welfare state of the Euros, which pays people to not work and guarantees their citizens 8 weeks of paid vacation, has caused their economic demise over the past decades. Of course the host made no connection to Paris burning and Islamic fascism. These are just poor lost youths speaking out in the only way they can.



Sources tell Drudge that early this afternoon House Speaker Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Frist will announce a bicameral investigation into the leak of classified information to the WASHINGTON POST regarding the “black sites” where high value al Qaeda terrorists are being held and interrogated.

Monday, November 07, 2005

November 7, 2005

Thought I'd tune in just for the last hour of this nutball's show. All I heard was a bunch of hand ringing and whining about us torturing the poor little innocent Iraqi terrorists. These people actually think the American people care one iota of what happens to these animals that are trying to kill our troops and us if they get a chance.

If you want France in this country - start doing what these Moonbats want us to do.

One of the guests actually had the nerve to say that the Washington Post is covering for the Bush administration. I wonder if the person who leaked this CIA info about "Gulogs" will be indicted soon.

His guest even stated an absolute lie that Wilson returned from Niger and said that Saddam made no attempt to buy yellow cake. In his own report Wilson stated that a group was sent to Niger by Hussein to purchase nuclear materials. Of course the host just went along with the lie.

Hey France - Welcome to the War on Terror!



Monday, Nov. 7, 2005 10:34 a.m. EST
Leakgate, the CIA, Iraq and 9/11

The Leakgate imbroglio has put the spotlight on the CIA's opposition to the Bush administration's Iraq war policy - with questions swirling about who at the agency thought it was a good idea to send Bush-bashing war critic Joe Wilson to verify key administration claims about Iraq's nuclear ambitions.

But the Agency's double-dealing on evidence of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction begs another question: Was the CIA an honest broker of information that seemed, early on, to link Iraq to the 9/11 attacks?

Longtime Washington lawyer Victoria Toensing - who drafted the 1982 law that was supposed to be at the center of the Leakgate scandal - has been arguing for weeks now that the CIA's permanent bureaucracy had a hidden agenda against the Iraq war.

Writing on OpinionJournal.com on Sunday, Toensing went so far as to suggest that the CIA's decision to enlist Wilson is beginning to look like "a brilliant covert action against the White House."

Was a similar strategy employed whenever inconvenient evidence materialized linking Iraq to 9/11?

Since two Iraqi defectors first reported in Nov. 2001 that radical Islamists had been trained at Saddam's Salman Pak terrorist camp to hijack airplanes using techniques similar to those employed on 9/11, the CIA has been working overtime trying to knock the story down.

The defectors weren't credible, Agency sources repeatedly told reporters.

"The probability that the training provided at such centers, e.g. Salman Pak, was similar to that al Qaida could offer at its own camps in Afghanistan, combined with the sourcing difficulties, leads us to conclude that we need additional corroboration before we can validate that this low level basic terrorist training for al Qaida occurred in Iraq," one CIA analyst told Knight Ridder news in January 2003.

Four months later, U.S. Marines overran the super secret facility that the Agency had dismissed as innocuous.

On April 6, 2003, CENTCOM spokesman, Brig. Gen. Vincent Brooks, told reporters that the Iraqis defending the camp were not run of the mill soldiers.

"The nature of the work being done by some of those people we captured, their inferences about the type of training they received, all these things give us the impression that there is terrorist training that was conducted at Salman Pak," Brooks said.

"Some of them come from Sudan, some from Egypt, some from other places . . . It reinforces the likelihood of links between this regime and external terrorist organizations," the CENTCOM spokesman added.

The CIA's response? Certainly not the kind of intelligence review that would have gotten to the bottom of just what was going on at Salman Pak. In fact, at last report, the Agency accepted the alibi offered by Iraqi officials: that hijack classes staged aboard a parked airliner were actually hijack prevention exercises.

The Agency reacted the same way when Czech intelligence reported that lead 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta met with Iraqi intelligence in Prague just months before the 9/11 attacks, dismissing the claim despite repeated Czech assertions that it was true.

And when the London Telegraph reported in Dec. 2003 that the interim Iraqi government had uncovered a document that put Mr. Atta in Baghdad in July 2001, anonymous U.S. intelligence sources told Newsweek the document was a probable forgery, citing an Iraqi document expert who hadn't laid eyes on the paper in question.

Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, however, sounded thoroughly impressed by the discovery, telling the Telegraph:

"This is the most compelling piece of evidence that we have found so far. It shows that not only did Saddam have contacts with Al Qaeda, he had contact with those responsible for the September 11 attacks.'"

Perhaps the CIA has conducted thorough behind-the-scenes investigations of each one of these episodes - and has simply decided not to go public with its smoking gun evidence debunking the claims. But there's nothing to that effect on the public record.

The 9/11 Commission claims to have conclusively determined that Saddam played no role whatsoever in 9/11. But like the CIA, the Commission has earned a reputation for ignoring important and compelling evidence - by burying key testimony that Mohamed Atta had been tracked down by the Able Danger intelligence group before the 9/11 attacks.

Meanwhile, in the only legal test of Saddam's involvement in 9/11 - a May 8, 2003 ruling by U.S. District Judge Harold Baer awarded two 9/11 families $104 million based on what Baer said was Iraq's "material" role in the attacks.

What's more, Oil for Food sleuth Claudia Rosett has offered a compelling, albeit circumstantial, case that Osama bin Laden didn't have the financial wherewithal to bankroll the 9/11 operation while simultaneously underwriting al Qaeda's worldwide network - until Saddam began pouring some of his Oil for Food profits into terrorist coffers.

Though even the Bush administration now treats the theory as heresy, there remains a substantial body of evidence that suggests Iraq played a role in the 9/11 attacks.

And almost none of it has been credibly debunked by the CIA or other U.S. intelligence gathers, who offer only unsupported claims that the evidence in question is unreliable.


General Vallely told WND that, according to his recollection, Wilson mentioned his wife's job at the CIA in the spring of 2002 – more than a year before Robert Novak's July 14, 2003, column identifying her, citing administration officials, as "an Agency operative on weapons of mass destruction."

"He was rather open about his wife working at the CIA," said Vallely, who retired in 1991 as the Army's deputy commanding general in the Pacific. WND learned of Vallely's claim through an interview Thursday night on the ABC Radio network's John Batchelor show.

Again, tonight, Vallely repeated his assertions that he met at least three times with Wilson in the Fox "green room." He said he is certain it was in the spring of 2002.

Vallely told WND that, in his opinion, it became clear over the course of several conversations that Wilson had his own agenda, as the ambassador's analysis of the war and its surrounding politics strayed from reality.

"He was a total self promoter," said Vallely. "I don't know if it was out of insecurity, to make him feel important, but he's created so much turmoil, he needs to be investigated and put under oath."

The only indictment in Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's two-year investigation came one week ago when Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, was charged with one count of obstruction of justice, two counts of making false statements and two counts of perjury in the case. He faces up to 30 years in prison and $1.25 million in fines if convicted on all five counts. He pleaded not guilty.

Vallely said, citing CIA colleagues, that in addition to his conversations with Wilson, the ambassador was proud to introduce Plame at cocktail parties and other social events around Washington as his CIA wife.

"That was pretty common knowledge," he said Friday. "She's been out there on the Washington scene many years."

If Plame were a covert agent at the time, Vallely said, "he would not have paraded her around as he did."

"This whole thing has become the biggest non-story I know," he concluded, "and all created by Joe Wilson."



French President Vows to Restore Order
Nov 6, 11:41 PM (ET)


PARIS (AP) - President Jacques Chirac promised Sunday to restore public order across France as unrest spread from suburban Paris to cities south and north, with rioters injuring ten police officers, throwing Molotov cocktails and ramming a car into a housing project during an 11th night of mayhem.

Ten riot police were injured by buckshot in a clash in the southern Paris suburb of Grigny, national police spokesman Patrick Hamon said. It was unclear whether the officers were shot with hunting rifles or a less lethal weapon, he said. Two officers were hospitalized; their lives were not in danger.

Overnight Sunday-Monday, at least 764 vehicles were burned, and police made 173 arrests, Hamon's office said.

Across the country, rioters pelted Molotov cocktails at cars and a school, and firefighters in some areas worked under police escort. New unrest was reported in Toulouse in the southwest and Rennes in the northwest.

Chirac spoke after a security meeting of his top ministers.

"The law must have the last word," Chirac said in his first public address on the violence. France is determined "to be stronger than those who want to sow violence or fear, and they will be arrested, judged and punished."

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin promised speedy trials for rioters and extra security where it was needed.

Chirac said France was determined to promote "respect for all, justice and equal opportunities." Violence has been concentrated in poor suburbs with large immigrant populations.

"But there is a precondition, a priority, I repeat," he said. "That is the restoring of security and public order."

The French president had faced criticism from opposition politicians for not publicly speaking about France's worst civil unrest in more than a decade. His only previous comments came through a spokesman.

The violence has escalated from an outburst of anger in suburban Paris housing projects into a nationwide show of disdain for French authority from youths and minorities, most French-born children of Arab and black Africans angered by years of unequal opportunities.

Youths set ablaze nearly 1,300 vehicles and torched businesses, schools and symbols of French authority, including post offices and provincial police stations, late Saturday and early Sunday.

The violence reached the well-guarded French capital Saturday night. Police said 35 cars were torched, most on the city's northern and southern edges.

In the city center, gasoline bombs damaged three cars near Place de la Republique. Residents reported a loud explosion and flames.

"We were very afraid," said Annie Partouche, 55, who watched the cars burning from her apartment window. "We were afraid to leave the building."

In Evreux, 60 miles west of Paris, five police officers and three firefighters were injured in clashes with youths who destroyed at least 50 vehicles, shops and businesses, a post office and two schools, authorities said.

"Rioters attacked us with baseball bats," said Philippe Jofres, a deputy fire chief, told France-2 television. "We were attacked with pick axes. It was war."

About 50 cars were burned late Sunday in the Seine-Saint-Denis region north of Paris, where the violence first broke out. Arsonists burned a school and a bus in the central city of Saint-Etienne, and transport workers went on strike.

Much of the youths' anger has focused on law-and-order Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, who inflamed passions by referring to troublemakers as "scum."

In Strasbourg, youths stole a car and rammed it into a housing project, setting the vehicle and the building on fire.

"We'll stop when Sarkozy steps down," said the defiant 17-year-old driver, identifying himself as Murat. He and several others were in police custody as smoke poured from the windows of the housing project behind them.

Arsonists burned 1,295 vehicles nationwide overnight Saturday, national police spokesman Patrick Hamon said, adding that police made 349 arrests.

For a second night, a helicopter equipped with spotlights and video cameras to track bands of marauding youths combed Paris suburbs, and small teams of police chased rioters speeding from attack to attack in cars and on motorbikes.

"What we notice is that the bands of youths are, little by little, getting more organized," arranging attacks through cell phone text messages and learning how to make gasoline bombs, Hamon said.

Police also found a gasoline bomb-making factory in a derelict building in Evry south of Paris. They confiscated 50 devices, fuel stocks and hoods for hiding rioters' faces, senior Justice Ministry official Jean-Marie Huet told The Associated Press. Police arrested six people, all under 18.

The discovery Saturday night, he said, shows that gasoline bombs "are not being improvised by kids in their bathrooms."

Police said copycat attacks are fanning the unrest but had no evidence of separate gangs coordinating. Officials said older youths, many already with police records, appear to be teaching younger teens arson techniques.

Unrest extended west to Normandy and south to Nice and Cannes on the Mediterranean coast, with attacks in and around Lyon, Lille, Marseille and Strasbourg. In all, at least 3,300 buses, cars and other vehicles have been incinerated since the unrest started Oct. 27, the police spokesman said.

The rioting erupted after two teenagers of north African descent were accidentally electrocuted as they hid in a power substation, apparently believing police were chasing them. Anger was then fanned anew days ago when a tear gas bomb exploded in a mosque in Clichy-sous-Bois - the northern suburb where the youths died.

Government officials have held a series of meetings with Muslim religious leaders, local officials and youths from poor suburbs to try to calm the violence.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Funny of the Day

Brought to you from one of the uppity academic snob types over at Camp Crazy:

Sorry but it's not JUST the French that think we're brain dead. It's the entire continent. Have you ever seen Americans from the outside looking in? It's not pretty. Americans are a joke...a laughing stock. They look at our culture, our politics our wastefulness and our education our lack of culture, history and so much more and they can conclude nothing but the fact that we need to grow up as people. Unfortunately, most Americans are too busy glorifying their acts of stupidity. Americans are too ignorant and self absorbed to realize that the rest of the world is now laughing at us.

That's the problem of being arrogant without having to actually prove your value. Like Dufus being handed everything on a platter his entire life, Americans think they deserve the praise and the riches of the world handed to us on that same silver platter. And the only thing our fearless idiot in chief can do is threaten without having to offer anything in return.

Yes, America is the large ugly stupid and obnoxious bully on the playground. And that "bully" comes directly from that 35% that you are so proud of.

Whah Whah; America is a big bully. Whah. It's just not fair that the US is so rich and everyone else is poor and driving around in their matchbox cars while those evil Americans are driving around in their Hummers causing global warming. WHAH WHAH.


Friday, November 04, 2005

When You Hear the Left Wing Kooks Talk About a Corrupt Administration

and you wonder who in the hell they are talking about; because after 5 years and a daily assault of the Bush admin, all they could come up with is one shakey indictment in a case without a crime. They must be talking about the rapist's administration I guess; where there were not just 40 indictments - but 40 CONVICTIONS!


1) Roger Clinton: Bill Clinton brother; drug trafficking conviction (Wall Street Journal "The Foster Test" January 14, 1994)

2) Dan Lasater: governor Bill Clinton contributor and state contractor: drug trafficking conviction (Wall Street Journal "The Foster Test" January 14, 1994)

3) Dan Harmon: Arkansas Seventh Judicial District prosecuting attorney and Bill Clinton friend and political ally: five federal racketeering, extortion, and drug distribution convictions (Wall Street Journal "Arkansas Justice" June 13, 1997)

4) Bill McCuen: Bill Clinton political ally: former Arkansas Secretary of State; bribery, tax evasion, kickbacks convictions (Wall Street Journal: Whitewater: "The Prosecution Rests" May 7, 1996)


5) Webster Hubbell: Bill Clinton friend and political ally; Hillary Clinton Rose Law Firm partner: embezzlement; fraud; two felony convictions (Wall Street Journal "Whither Whitewater?" October 18, 1995)

6) Jim Guy Tucker: fraud; three felony convictions (Wall Street Journal "Second-Term Stall" February 11, 1997; Associated Press "Tucker Pleads Guilty to Cable Fraud" February 20, 1998)

7) William J. Marks Sr.: Jim Guy Tucker business partner; one conspiracy conviction (Associated Press "Whitewater Defendant Pleads Guilty" August 28, 1997)

8) Jim McDougal: Bill and Hillary Clinton friend, banker, and political ally: eighteen felony convictions (Wall Street Journal "Immunize Hale" May 29, 1996)

9) Susan McDougal: Bill and Hillary Clinton friend; former wife of Jim McDougal: four felony convictions (Wall Street Journal "Immunize Hale" May 29, 1996)

10) David Hale: Bill and Hillary Clinton friend, banker, and political ally: two felony convictions of conspiracy and mail fraud (Wall Street Journal "The Arkansas Machine Strikes Back" March 19, 1996)

11) Chris Wade: Whitewater real estate broker; two felony convictions (Wall Street Journal "Hard Evidence From a Federal Investigator" August 10, 1995)

12) Stephen Smith: former Governor Clinton aide; one conviction (Wall Street Journal "Hard Evidence From a Federal Investigator" August 10, 1995)

13) Larry Kuca: Madison real estate agent; fraudulent loans (Wall Steet Journal "Hard Evidence From a Federal Investigator" August 10, 1995)

14) Robert Palmer: Madison appraiser; one conspiracy felony conviction (Wall Street Journal "Hale Predicts Hillary Conviction" October 21, 1996)

15) Neal Ainley: Perry County Bank president; embezzled bank funds for Clinton campaign; two misdemeanor convictions (Wall Street Journal "Arkansas Bank Shot" May 4, 1995)

16) John Latham: Madison Bank CEO; bank fraud conviction (Wall Street Journal "Smoke Without Fire" January 12, 1996)

17) John Haley: attorney for Jim Guy Tucker; misdemeanor guilty plea; tax fraud (Associated Press "Tucker Pleads Guilty to Cable Fraud" February 20, 1998)

18) Eugene Fitzhugh: Whitewater defendant, pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of trying to bribe David Hale; is appealing a ten month prison sentence (The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, "Whitewater Defendants" February 22, 1998)

19) Charles Matthews: Whitewater defendant, pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of bribery, served fourteen months of a sixteen month prison sentence (The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, "Whitewater Defendants" February 22, 1998)


20) Tyson Foods: guilty plea; $6 million federal court fines and investigative costs (Washington Post "Tyson Foods Admits Illegal Gifts to Espy" December 30, 1997)

21) Sun-Diamond Growers: $1.5 million fine for illegal campaign contributions to Espy's brother (Associated Press "A Look at Mike Espy Investigation" August 27, 1997)

22) Richard Douglas: former Sun-Diamond Growers official; several bribery convictions and guilty pleas(Washington Post "Tyson Foods Admits Illegal Gifts to Espy" December 30, 1997; Associated Press: "Lobbyist Pleads guilty in Espy Case" March 17, 1998)

23) James H. Lake: Sun-Diamond Growers lobbyist; three convictions regarding illegal campaign contributions to Espy's brother (Associated Press "A Look at Mike Espy Investigation" August 27, 1997)

24) Ron Blackley: Espy's chief of staff: financial fraud conviction; twenty-seven month prison sentence (Washington Post "Tyson Foods Admits Illegal Gifts to Espy" December 30, 1997; Associated Press: "Judge Sentences Espy Aide to Jail" March 18, 1998)

25) Smith Barney: improper payments to Espy; $1 million-plus fine (Associated Press: "A Look at Mike Espy Investigation" August 27, 1997)

26) Crop Growers Corporation: $2 million fine for money laundering to Henry Espy's campaign (Associated Press: "A Look at Mike Espy Investigation" August 27, 1997)

27) Brook Keith Mitchell Sr. (with his company Five M Farming Enterprises: four counts) for fraud (Associated Press: "A Look at Mike Espy Investigation" August 27, 1997)

28) Five M Farming Enterprises (with owner Brook Keith Mitchell: four counts) for fraud (Associated Press: "A Look at Mike Espy Investigation" August 27, 1997)

29) John J. Hemmingson, former head of Crop Growers Corporation: three counts relating to illegal campaign contributions to Henry Espy (Associated Press: "A Look at Mike Espy Investigation" August 27, 1997)

30) Alvarez T. Ferrouillet, Jr., Louisiana lawyer and Henry Espy campaign finance head: ten count conviction (Associated Press: "A Look at Mike Espy Investigation" August 27, 1997)

31) Municipal Healthcare Cooperative: Ferrouillet-related company; perjury, bank fraud, money laundering convictions (Washington Post: "Tyson Foods Admits Illegal Gifts to Espy" December 30, 1997)

32) Ferrouillet & Ferrouillet: Ferrouillet-related company; perjury, bank fraud, money laundering convictions (Washington Post: "Tyson Foods Admits Illegal Gifts to Espy" December 30, 1997)


33) Michael Brown (Ron Brown's son): money laundering; misdemeanor conviction (Los Angeles Times, "Ron Brown's Son Pleads Guilty to Illegal Donation" August 29, 1997)

34) Eugene Lum: Clinton/Gore campaign contributor and colleague; felony conviction; money laundering (Los Angeles Times, "First Fund-Raising Sentences Meted Out" September 10, 1997)

35) Nora Lum: Clinton/Gore campaign contributor and colleague; felony conviction; money laundering (Los Angeles Times, "First Fund-Raising Sentences Meted Out" September 10, 1997)

36) Johnny Chung: Clinton/Gore campaign contributor and colleague; many visits to Clinton White House and Oval Office with mainland Chinese associates; several illegal campaign contributions, money laundering, tax fraud, and bank fraud guilty pleas (Associated Press: "Democrat Fund-Raiser Pleads Guilty" March 17, 1998)

37) Roger Tamraz: Clinton/Gore campaign contributor and colleague; many visits to Clinton White House and Oval Office; fugitive from Lebanon embezzlement convictions; target of French government financial investigation; BCCI connections (The Wall Street Journal: "Integrity of the Institutions" March 20, 1997, et. al.) CISNEROS:

38) Linda Jones: Henry Cisneros mistress; conspiracy, bank fraud, money laundering, and obstruction of justice federal felony guilty pleas; sentenced to three and one-half years in prison (Associated Press: "Cisneros Ex-Mistress Sentenced" March 25, 1998)

39) Patsy Jo Wooten: Linda Jones sister; one conspiracy guilty plea (Associated Press: "Cisneros Ex-Mistress Sentenced" March 25, 1998)

40) Allen Wooten: Linda Jones brother-in-law; one conspiracy guilty plea (Associated Press: "Cisneros Ex-Mistress Sentenced" March 25, 1998)


Here's the Typical Interview by a Socialist Talk Show Host

Be sure to listen to the whole thing. Don't close it after you roll on the floor laughing while the host quotes, as the truth, Sandy Burgler. This is truly hilarious.



Friday, Nov. 4, 2005 5:56 a.m. EST
Patrick Fitzgerald Planned 2004 October Surprise

Democrats are lamenting the fact that Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald wasn't able to indict Lewis "Scooter" Libby on Leakgate charges a month before last year's presidential election - a move that Fitzgerald acknowleged was his original plan last Friday.

"I wish the truth had come out one year ago," said Bob Shrum - campaign manager to presidential loser John Kerry - on MSNBC's "Hardball" Thursday night. "Because as Patrick Fitzgerald said, he would have indicted in October of 2004, and you wouldn`t have a [second] Bush administration."

Announcing the Libby indictment on Friday, Fitzgerald made it clear that he wanted to spring his Leakgate October Surprise a year earlier - at the eleventh hour of the 2004 presidential campaign:

"I would have wished nothing better that, when the subpoenas were issued in August 2004, [that] witnesses testified then, and we would have been here in October 2004 instead of October 2005," he told reporters.

Instead, the top Leakgate prober blamed the New York Times and other media outlets for not cooperating in an expeditious manner, which delayed his investigation beyond the presidential election.

Four days before the 1992 presidential election, a similar scenario played out - when Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh indicted Reagan Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger in the Iran-Contra case.

Before news of Weinberger's indictment, polls showed that President Bush 41's reelection campaign had narrowed the gap with the challenging rapist to one point.

But the indictment stopped Bush's momentum dead in its tracks, and he lost election, 43 to 37 percent.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Liberals are Hypocritical Liars? Is This Really News?

We have no doubt that Al Franken is furious with news today that Peter Schweizer's blockbuster new book "Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy" has soared to the top of Amazon's Best seller lists.

As of Thursday morning, "Do As I Say" hit Amazon's #6 rank for all books sold - climbing more than 20,000 rankings in a week and more than 200 from two days ago when NewsMax.com first featured the book as its lead story. [If you don't believe us, check out Amazon yourself - Go Here Now.]

The news will have Franken reaching for some Advil, as he is one of the main targets of "Do As I Say."

In "Do As I Say," Hoover Fellow Peter Schweizer reveals the glaring contradictions between the public stances and real-life behavior of prominent liberals. In addition to Franken, many others come under scrutiny including Michael Moore, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Ralph Nader.

After two years of research into liberal hypocrisy, Schweizer described his revelations as "stunning."

That may be understatement.

For example, Air America radio host Al Franken says conservatives are racist because they lack diversity and oppose affirmative action. But fewer than 1 percent of the people he has hired over the past 15 years have been African-American.

It gets worse.

Ted Kennedy has fought for the estate tax and spoken out against tax shelters. But he has repeatedly benefited from an intricate web of trusts and private foundations that have shielded most of his family's fortune from the IRS.

One Kennedy family trust wasn't even set up in the U.S., but in Fiji.

Similarly, Bill and Hillary Clinton have spoken in favor of the estate tax, and in 2000 Bill vetoed a bill seeking to end it. But the Clintons have set up a contract trust that allows them to substantially reduce the amount of inheritance tax their estate will pay when they die.

Hillary, for her part, has written and spoken extensively about the right of children to make major decisions regarding their own lives, such as having an abortion without parental consent.

But she barred 13-year-old daughter Chelsea from getting her ears pierced and forbade her to watch MTV or HBO.

And then there's Hollywood hypocrisy.

Barbra Streisand has talked about the necessity of unions to protect a "living wage." But she prefers to do her filming and postproduction work in Canada, where she can pay less than American union wages.

As for other liberals who like to offshore things, there's billionaire Bush-basher George Soros.

Soros says the wealthy should pay higher, more progressive tax rates. But he holds the bulk of his money in tax-free overseas accounts in Curacao, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

Schweizer sums up his book this way: "The reality is that liberals like to preach in moral platitudes. They like to condemn ordinary Americans and Republicans for a whole host of things - racism, lack of concern for the poor, polluting the environment, and greed. But when it comes to applying those same standards to themselves, liberals are found to be shockingly guilty of hypocrisy.

"The media and the American people need to hold them accountable."

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Conservatives (Americans) Rejoice

Today we saw the end of the DemoRat party. We've seen it coming for many months; but today they put the final nail in their coffin. They actually resorted to parlor tricks in the US Senate today to appear more looney than their left wing fringe, Cindy Sheehan base supporters.

After months of hoping and may I say even praying for a Carl Rove indictment; they were let down by their left wing hero - Fitzgerald. All he could manage was a trumped up charge of perjury in an investigation without a crime. It is indeed a great day to be a Conservative. Meiers is history and mini Scalia is sure to be confirmed and on his way to beat down the leftist's accomplishments over the past 30 years.

It is a new day in America and we as the left like to say are "Taking OUR country back". Too bad for the left it will not be the America that they want. An America were 2 males can claim to be married simply by passing AIDS from one degenerate to another. An American where there are no property rights and it okay to kill a baby as long as it is a nuisance to the "mother".

Yes my good friends; we are in CHARGE now and our children's futures are looking good for a change.

Thank you GW Bush for putting real back into reality.

PS: Howard "Silver Spoon" Dean - please KEEP TALKING!!!

And yet the Auto Union will demand a raise next year!

... after they have driven their companies into the ground and cost us $5,000 per vehicle for their undeserved salaries and nanny health care benefits.

Big Three carmakers see sales slump in US
Nov 01 4:49 PM US/Eastern
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The Big Three US carmakers, General Motors, Ford Motor and DaimlerChrysler, announced huge falls in domestic sales in October after a year of giving heavy subsidies to keep buyers in showrooms.

While Japanese rivals nearly all produced sales rises in the US market, General Motors posted a 23 percent decline from a year ago to 257,623 vehicles. Ford said its October sales were down 26 percent to 199,847. DaimlerChrysler sales were not as bad, but still fell three percent to 183,163 cars and trucks.

"Although a slowdown after the record sales of the last several months was expected, October was a difficult month for us and the industry," said Mark LaNeve, head of GM North America sales.

Ford attributed the fall to customers having already taken advantage of discount pricing that bolstered sales during the summer months



Democrats Force Senate Into Iraq Meeting
Nov 01 3:43 PM US/Eastern
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Associated Press Writer


Democrats forced the Republican-controlled Senate into an unusual closed session Tuesday, questioning intelligence that President Bush used in the run-up to the war in Iraq and accusing Republicans of ignoring the issue.

"They have repeatedly chosen to protect the Republican administration rather than get to the bottom of what happened and why," Democratic leader Harry Reid said.

Taken by surprise, Republicans derided the move as a political stunt.

"The United States Senate has been hijacked by the Democratic leadership," said Majority Leader Bill Frist. "They have no convictions, they have no principles, they have no ideas," the Republican leader said.

In a speech on the Senate floor, Reid demanded the Senate go into closed session. The public was ordered out of the chamber, the lights were dimmed, and the doors were closed. No vote is required in such circumstances.

Reid's move shone a spotlight on the continuing controversy over intelligence that President Bush cited in the run-up to the war in Iraq. Despite prewar claims, no weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq, and some Democrats have accused the administration of manipulating the information that was in their possession.

Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, was indicted last Friday in an investigation that touched on the war, the leak of the identity of a CIA official married to a critic of the administration's Iraq policy.

"The Libby indictment provides a window into what this is really all about, how this administration manufactured and manipulated intelligence in order to sell the war in Iraq and attempted to destroy those who dared to challenge its actions," Reid said before invoking Senate rules that led to the closed session.

Libby resigned from his White House post after being indicted on charges of obstruction of justice, making false statements and perjury.

Democrats contend that the unmasking of Valerie Plame was retribution for her husband, Joseph Wilson, publicly challenging the Bush administration's contention that Iraq was seeking to purchase uranium from Africa. That claim was part of the White House's justification for going to war.

Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss., said Reid was making "some sort of stink about Scooter Libby and the CIA leak."

A former majority leader, Lott said a closed session was appropriate for such overarching matters as impeachment and chemical weapons _ the two topics that last sent the senators into such sessions.

In addition, Lott said, Reid's move violated the Senate's tradition of courtesy and consent. But there was nothing in Senate rules enabling Republicans to thwart Reid's effort.

As Reid spoke, Frist met in the back of the chamber with a half-dozen senior GOP senators, including Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts of Kansas, who bore the brunt of Reid's criticism. Reid said Roberts reneged on a promise to fully investigate whether the administration exaggerated and manipulated intelligence leading up to the war.