Sunday, October 30, 2005

Finally Congress Cuts One Fraud Laiden Program

WASHINGTON - The House Agriculture Committee approved budget cuts Friday that would take food stamps away from an estimated 300,000 people and could cut off school lunches and breakfasts for 40,000 children.


The action came as the government reported that the number of people who are hungry because they can't afford to buy enough food rose to 38.2 million in 2004, an increase of 7 million in five years. The number represents nearly 12 percent of U.S. households.

"If there are cuts to be made, why should we make them on food stamps?" said Rep. David Scott (news, bio, voting record), D-Ga. "This is the meanest cut of all."

The cuts, approved by the Republican-controlled committee on a party-line vote, are part of an effort by the House GOP to curb federal spending by $50 billion. The food and agriculture cuts would reduce spending by $3.7 billion, including $844 million on nutrition, $760 million on conservation and $212 million on payments to farmers.

"The fact is, our country is going broke," said Rep. John Boehner (news, bio, voting record), R-Ohio. "We're spending money we don't have and passing it onto our kids, and at some point, somebody's got to say, `Enough's enough.'"

The $574 million reduction in food stamp spending would affect families who receive food stamps because they receive other non-cash government assistance. The change is estimated to shut up to 300,000 people out of the program.

The restriction also could take free meals away from an estimated 40,000 school children, because children in many states are automatically eligible for school meals when they get food stamps


On Thursday, October 27, hundreds of Howard University students greeted Laura Bush with a militant protest against the war in Iraq, the criminally negligent and racist conduct of the federal government in response to Hurricane Katrina and cuts in education.

Holding signs that read, "2000 Dead, End Occupation: Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti…, Money for Education Not War," the students began their demonstration at 11am in protest of Laura Bush's presence on the Howard University campus.

The demonstration was led by Youth and Student A.N.S.W.E.R. and Cimarrones, a progressive Black Student Union of Caribbeans, Central and South Americans, as well as various other campus organizations such as Howard University Student Association (HUSA), Howard Amnesty International and Ubiquity.

The demonstration turned into a confrontation as university officials working with Secret Service and DC Police threatening to arrest the students unless they moved. "They are trying to force us to disperse or at least move back 30 feet, but we in the Black community have been told to move for 300 years," said Eugene Puryear, a coordinator of Youth and Student A.N.S.W.E.R and Howard sophomore


This is what 60 years of the nanny state has brought us. Somehow these nitwits believe that they have some right to a college education.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Leakgate Lags Behind Real Scandal - Whitewater

Friday, Oct. 28, 2005 9:39 a.m. EDT
Leakgate Lags Behind Whitewater Schedule

Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's 22-month-long Leakgate probe may produce its first indictment later today, with speculation centering on a virtually unknown aide to Vice President Dick Cheney - which would be small potatoes compared to the results achieved by Independent Counsel Ken Starr's Whitewater probe over the same period of time.

Starr was appointed to investigate Bill and Hillary Clinton's involvement in the corrupt land deal on August 4, 1994 - and by that December, his office had already secured a guilty plea from the number two man at the Justice Department, longtime Clinton crony Webster Hubbell.

In August 1995 - just 12 months after his appointment - Starr secured indictments against the Clintons' Whitewater business partners - Jim and Susan McDougal - along with the sitting governor of Arkansas, Jim Guy Tucker.

In January 1996, Starr subpoenaed Hillary Clinton to testify before his Washington grand jury after her missing Rose Law billing records materialized in the White House without explanation. It was the first time in U.S. history that a first lady was required to testify in a criminal case.

In April 1996, Mr. Clinton testified from the White House in the trial of Tucker and the McDougals.

In May 1996 - just 21 months into Starr's probe - a Little Rock jury found the Clintons' business partners and Mr. Clinton's successor in office guilty of nearly all the charges brought against them.

Starr's office also secured convictions and/or guilty pleas from a number of less well-known figures in the scandal.

Over the same period, Mr. Fitzgerald's lagging probe has failed to secure even a single public indictment or guilty plea of anyone involved in the Leakgate scandal.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005



Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2005 11:55 a.m. EDT
Hillary Clinton Proposes Massive Energy Tax

2008 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said yesterday that she backs a plan to hike gasoline taxes through the roof.

Speaking to a group of alternative energy investors in Washington, D.C., Clinton proposed to sock oil companies with $20 billion in new fees that would be used to fund research on clean energy - driving up costs for oil producers that they would inevitably pass along to consumers.

The top Democrat said her goal is to get "oil companies that have experienced these amazing profits either to reinvest them in our energy future to reduce our dependence on oil or to contribute to a strategic energy fund that will provide incentives for companies and consumers who want to be part of an energy solution."

Mrs. Clinton's whopping tax hike proposal comes just as prices at the pump are beginning to decline from records highs in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, which caused a bump in energy inflation that experts warned could tip the economy into recession.

Mrs. Clinton insisted that her $20 billion fee plan was "not about new energy taxes on consumers" - but she declined to say how oil companies would absorb the additional costs without charging consumers.


Media Celebrate 2,000 U.S. Dead in Iraq

Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2005 9:46 a.m. EDT
Media Celebrate 2,000 U.S. Dead in Iraq

Reporters who ignored the countless acts of heroism by U.S. troops in Iraq, not to mention the incredible progress their efforts have yielded, suddenly can't get enough of the fact that 2,000 of America's heroes have died.

In New York, Wednesday morning's newspapers headlined the news of U.S. dead with what seemed like macabre glee.

"2,000 Dead: As Iraq Tours Stretch On, a Grim Mark," blared the New York Times front page.

Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan is paying tribute to the fallen heroes by stepping up her work to oppose their efforts, pledging to chain herself to the White House fence until President Bush agrees to cut and run.

Almost nowhere in today's coverage will readers find a tribute to the titanic accomplishments purchased with the blood of these same lost heroes who believed in the cause.

Nowhere but here, that is.

Start with news that the vote on Iraq's constitution has finally been tabulated. It was ratified by a staggering 79 percent margin - making Iraq the first Arab country to approve a constitution in free election.

Another important benchmark ignored by the press would be the dramatic plunge in violence that accompanied the Oct. 15 vote. Insurgent attacks on polling stations dropped from 347 during January's election to a minuscule 13 - thanks, due in large measure, to the increasing competence of U.S.-trained Iraqi security forces. Tom Segal recently put together a compendium of U.S. achievements in Iraq. Highlights include:

• In Sadar City, 86.5 million dollars in infrastructure improvements have been completed and another $246 million are ongoing. These include increased drinking water and electricity to serve more than 240,000 people.

• Soldiers from the U.S. 7th Infantry Regiment joined local contractors in cleaning up the roads and repairing broken sewer pipes in Abu-Dashir. At the same time four new substations opened and provide power to the electrical distribution system serving 1.3 million residents of Basrah.

• In Mosel, a substation expansion project has doubled the capacity of a 400kV transmission line to Baghdad and now provides in increase in the amount of power to the entire country. This addition impacts more than 6 million people.

• In the same city, three new police stations have been built and are manned, increasing local security. The main railway station has been completely renovated and is in operation.

• The Iraqi Special Forces Barracks in Baghdad has been completed along with five military company barracks and one senior barracks. Included were utilities consisting of potable water, septic tank and electricity. At the same time it is reported that construction is 95% complete on a 21.9 million dollar public works and water project for the capitol city.

But rather than celebrate the tremendous progress achieved by America's heroes, the press has consistently dumped on their work.

In a study released two weeks ago, the Media Research Center noted:

"Network [news] coverage has been overwhelmingly pessimistic. More than half of all stories (848, or 61%) focused on negative topics or presented a pessimistic analysis of the situation, four times as many as featured U.S. or Iraqi achievements or offered an optimistic assessment (just 211 stories, or 15%)."

By its attempts to trash the U.S. war effort, the press betrays its true feelings about America's heroes - and those feelings have little to do with honoring their sacrifices.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Mon Oct 24 2005 19:52:44 ET

George Galloway has strongly refuted new allegations that he pocketed money from Saddam Hussein's scandal ridden oil-for-food programme and lied about it under oath.

The US Senate committee investigating the Respect MP's alleged involvement in the saga claims to have discovered £85,000 (150,000 dollars) in Iraqi oil money in his wife's bank account.

Mr Galloway may face criminal charges if found to have given false testimony to the committee when he defended himself against similar claims in a passionate showdown earlier this year.

The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has accused him of giving "false and misleading testimony" at the May 17 hearing.

Mr Galloway, who used the headline-grabbing appearance as the basis for a new book, denied being an oil trader, soliciting oil allocations or instructing anyone to do so on his behalf.

But Republican Senator Norm Coleman, who chairs the committee, claims to have obtained new evidence proving that Saddam's regime granted oil allocations to the Bethnal Green and Bow MP and his Mariam Appeal fund.

The committee's new report accuses Mr Galloway of personally soliciting and being granted eight oil allocations totalling 23 million barrels from the Hussein government between 1999 and 2003.

It claims that his estranged wife, Dr Amineh Abu-Zayyad, received approximately £85,000 (150,000 dollars) in connection with one allocation of oil.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Hurray! Mother Sheehan is Back!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Cindy Sheehan, the military mother who made her son's death in Iraq a rallying point for the anti-war movement, plans to tie herself to the White House fence to protest the milestone of 2,000 U.S. military deaths in Iraq.

"I'm going to go to Washington, D.C. and I'm going to give a speech at the White House, and after I do, I'm going to tie myself to the fence and refuse to leave until they agree to bring our troops home," Sheehan said in a telephone interview last week as the milestone approached.

I bet the troops have already started packing their bags on the good news!

October 24, 2005

More of the same on the show. Class warfare and support your local union crap. I'll check back in the 2nd hour to see if anything of substance is being discussed. Still waiting for the host to touch on the Able Danger scandal. Seems like this would be right up his alley.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Saturday, Oct. 22, 2005 11:40 p.m. EDT
Dems Tap Patrick Fitzgerald for Impeachment Probe

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee are so pleased with reports that Leakgate prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is about to indict senior White House officials that they want him to lead an impeachment investigation into whether President Bush lied to Congress about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

"The CIA leak issue is only the tip of the iceberg,” House Judiciary Democrat Jerrold Nadler complains in a message posted to his web site.

In a letter asking the Justice Department to expand the scope of Fitzgerald's investigation, Nadler says: "We now have reason to believe that high crimes may have been committed at the highest level [and] wrongdoing that may have led us to war and imperiled our national security.”

If there is evidence that Bush or Cheney authorized aides to deliberately mislead lawmakers, Nadler told Congressional Quarterly: "That would be an impeachable offense.'"

The Manhattan Democrat is asking Acting Deputy Attorney General Robert McCallum to direct Fitzgerald to probe efforts by the White House to discredit critics of the Iraq war like former Ambassador Joe Wilson.

Nadler wants Fitzgerald to determine whether attacks on Wilson were part of a "broader conspiracy knowingly to mislead Congress into authorizing a war."

Even before leaks from Fitzgerald's investigation indicated he planned indictments, Rep. Maurice Hinchey let slip the Democrats' plan to impeach Bush for alleged Iraq war lies.

In quotes picked up by the Ithaca Journal, Hinchey said in August: "My greatest hope is that all of these things will be revealed, they will be revealed in a very direct and legal context, and that in 2006 a Democratic majority will be elected to the House of Representatives, and in February of [2007] impeachment proceedings will begin."


Saturday, Oct. 22, 2005 2:19 p.m. EDT
Patrick Fitzgerald Nixed Harkin Investigation

A little more than a year before he was tapped to head the special counsel probe into allegations that the Bush administration "outed" CIA employee Valerie Plame, then-U.S. attorney Patrick Fitzgerald abruptly dropped a wiretapping probe into Sen. Tom Harkin's campaign, saying no laws had been broken.

On Sept. 3, 2002, Harkin operatives arranged to secretly tape a strategy meeting by his then-Republican opponent, Rep. Greg Ganske.

Brian Conley, a former aide to the Iowa Democrat, made a digital recording while attending the meeting at the request of Harkin staff member Rafael Ruthchild, according to the Des Moines Register. Conley then returned the recorder to Ruthchild, who provided a copy of the recording and a transcript to a reporter.

The Ganske campaign immediately cried foul and demanded that Polk County Attorney John Sarcone launch a criminal probe. Patrick Fitzgerald, who headed up the U.S. attorney's office in Chicago, also launched an investigation.

Meanwhile, the key players in the case gave every indication they believed they were in legal jeopardy.

Conley and Ruthchild refused to speak to investigators on the advice of their attorneys, with Ruthchild resigning from her job.

Sen. Harkin staunchly denied he had any prior knowledge of the possibly criminal tape plot, though prosecutor Sarcone declined to interrogate him - an indulgence Mr. Fitzgerald apparently also granted.

After a brief two week probe, Sarcone - a Democrat whose sister worked for then-Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle in Washington, D.C. - declared that the Harkin campaign had broken no laws.

After a separate but equally brief investigation, U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald announced that there was no violation of federal law by Harkin's team.

Fitzgerald's reluctance to pursue the Harkin Tapegate scandal stands in marked contrast to his conduct of the Leakgate investigation, where he's earned a reputation as an aggressive and creative prosecutor who has pushed the envelope and left no stone unturned.

However, the two investigations are not completely dissimilar.

As with Tapegate, Fitzgerald decided "almost from the start" [according to the New York Times] not to pursue allegations that Plame's outing was illegal, probably because she isn't covered by the federal law in question, the 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act.

Instead, Fitzgerald has reportedly made conflicting accounts offered to his grand jury the focus of his two-year probe, issues the Times described Friday as "peripheral" to his initial investigation.

While no one has so far ascribed partisan motives to Fitzgerald for pressing his case long after determining that Plame's outing wasn't illegal, reports that he is a Republican turn out not to be true.

Born of working class immigrant parents and raised in heavily Democratic Brooklyn, New York, Fitzgerald was educated in liberal bastions like Amherst College and Harvard University.

Asked in 2001 if he had any political affiliation, the Leakgate prosecutor told the Chicago Tribune: "I'm an independent."

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Lot's of rain, wind and such. It's either global warming's fault or Bush's fault. Wait, Bush caused global warming; so I guess both are true. Yea dude, we're so enlightened. How could it not be global warming? What do you mean there have been many hurricanes in the past? Na way, dude.

The Left is Rooting for More GI Deaths

Here's what they are promoting over act Camp Cuckoo:

Please make plans to attend and also help RIGHT NOW to promote a rally to be held nationwide the day after the US announces the (official) 2000th American death in the "war on terror".

Get more information at:
American Friends Service Committee


Saturday, Oct. 22, 2005 12:14 a.m. EDT
Curt Weldon: Gorelick Aide Blocked Able Danger Testimony

An aide to former Clinton Justice Department official Jamie Gorelick blocked the 9/11 Commission from hearing bombshell testimony about the findings of the elite Able Danger military intelligence team, Rep. Curt Weldon said late Friday.

"The person who debriefed [Able Danger analyst] Scott Philpot was, in fact, the lead staffer for Jamie Gorelick," Weldon told the Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes." "His name was Dieter Snell."

Weldon contended: "It was Dieter Snell who did not brief the 9/11 Commission. The 9/11 Commissioners were never briefed on Able Danger."

Gorelick was the lead Democrat on the 9/11 Commission.

Weldon said Able Danger team members have been "gagged" by the Pentagon and by Defense Intelligence Agency leaders who stand to be embarrassed by their revelations.

"The Defense Intelligence Agency has people who were held over from the previous administration," he told Fox News. "They were there when [Able Danger] brought forward this information."

The Pennsylvania Republican said that besides identifying Atta and three other 9/11 hijackers as terrorist threats, Able Danger had warned of the impending attack on the U.S.S. Cole.

"Two weeks before the attack on the U.S.S. Cole," he told "Hannity & Colmes, "they sensed that something was about to happen in Yemen. Two days before the attack on the Cole - and the arrival of the Cole in harbor - they warned that the ship should not enter the harbor."

"This information needs to be brought to the public," Weldon said. "We lost 3,000 people here. This cannot be covered up. This is 3,000 times worse than Watergate."

Friday, October 21, 2005


Friday, Oct. 21, 2005 9:45 a.m. EDT
NY Times: Karl Rove, Lewis Libby Likely Cleared on Leakgate Charges

Special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has likely decided not to indict top White House aides Karl Rove and Lewis "Scooter" Libby based on allegations they "outed" CIA employee Valerie Plame, lawyers close to Fitzgerald's Leakgate investigation have told the New York Times.

Instead, the paper said, conflicting accounts given by Mr. Rove and Mr. Libby have been the focus of Mr. Fitzgerald's probe "almost from the start" - raising questions about whether the respected prosecutor continued his investigation after determining that no underlying crime had been committed.

It's not clear whether Fitzgerald believes that Rove and/or Libby had indeed violated the 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act, but couldn't prove his case. Or whether he realized early on that the law didn't apply to Ms. Plame, who doesn't qualify as a covert agent because she hadn't served abroad within five years of her "outing."

Instead, the Times said: "Among the charges that Mr. Fitzgerald is considering are perjury, obstruction of justice and false statement" - raising speculation that the Leakgate case may devolve into a Martha Stewart-like prosecution, which drew howls of derision from legal critics.

Stewart was sentenced to jail in 2003 for lying to investigators after the Justice Department abandoned its insider trading case against her for lack of evidence.

Unlike the Stewart case, however, it's hard to see how Fitzgerald could have ever believed that the 1982 law in question had been violated, when a quick check of Ms. Plame's work history would have rendered his investigation moot from the start.

Even the Times noted: "Possible violations under consideration by Mr. Fitzgerald are peripheral to the issue he was appointed in December 2003 to investigate."

In Mr. Rove's case, Fitzgerald's prosecution may rest, not on any false testimony, but instead on Rove's failure to tell the grand jury early on about a conversation he had about Ms. Plame with Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper.

"Mr. Fitzgerald has remained skeptical about the omission," the Times said.

It's still not clear that Rove and Libby would be indicted even if Fitzgerald could prove they gave false testimony to the grand jury.

In 2000, Independent Counsel Robert Ray concluded that then-first lady Hillary Clinton had provided materially false testimony in the Travelgate investigation.

Mr. Ray declined to indict, however - explaining that he could not prove that Mrs. Clinton's false statements were intentional.

I'm sure the left wing fascists will be yelling about how much money we wasted on this investigation just like they did during the real crime of Watergate. ONCE AGAIN THE MOONBATS LOSE

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2005 3:03 p.m. EDT
Judge in DeLay Case Backed

Supporters of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay might not be overly paranoid to suspect that there is just a hint of politics complicating his legal troubles.

When the Texas Republican appears in court on Friday to face money-laundering charges, the presiding judge will be a Democratic Party activist who has contributed money to the George Soros-backed, Sen. John Kerry and the Democratic National Committee.

DeLay will face a hearing in Austin before state district Judge Bob Perkins, whose political contributions include:

$200 to presidential candidate John Kerry on July 14, 2004.
$200 to Sen. Kerry on July 24, 2004.
$475 to Kerry on July 29, 2004.
$200 to on Sept. 11, 2004.
$200 to the Democratic National Committee on Oct. 13, 2004.
Another $200 to the DNC the very next day

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mother Sheehan, Call on Line 1 From Vince Foster's Office

Sheehan thrashing
'war hawk' Hillary
Cindy tears into Clinton for Iraq support, compares her to radio's Rush Limbaugh

Posted: October 19, 2005
2:15 p.m. Eastern

By Joe Kovacs
© 2005

Cindy Sheehan, the so-called "peace mom" on a crusade to end U.S. involvement in the Iraq war, is publicly blasting Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., for her continued support of the ongoing conflict.

"I think she is a political animal who believes she has to be a war hawk to keep up with the big boys," Sheehan writes in an open letter. "I would love to support Hillary for president if she would come out against the travesty in Iraq. But I don't think she can speak out against the occupation, because she supports it. I will not make the mistake of supporting another pro-war Democrat for president again: As I won't support a pro-war Republican."

"I believe that the intelligent thing for Democrats to do for 2006 and 2008 would be to come out strongly and correctly against the botched, bungled, illegal, and immoral occupation of Iraq," Sheehan added.

The California woman, whose son Casey was killed fighting insurgents in Iraq, launched an anti-war movement in August when she camped outside President Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch and demanded to meet with the commander in chief, drawing national media attention.

She was granted a meeting with Sen. Clinton to discuss the war effort, but says the Democrat "apparently" didn't listen, as the senator told a reporter for the Village Voice, "My bottom line is that I don't want their sons to die in vain. ... I don't believe it's smart to set a date for withdrawal. ... I don't think it's the right time to withdraw."

"That sounds like Rush Limbaugh to me," Sheehan said. "That doesn't sound like an opposition party leader speaking to me. What Sen. Clinton said after our meeting sounds exactly like the Republican Party talking points I heard from Senators Dole and McCain."

Rush Limbaugh

"There's trouble in paradise out there on the far left extreme which has become the Democrat base," Limbaugh responded today on his national radio program.

"You don't do this, folks. You don't publicly as a Democrat disavow a Clinton and live to do it – well, you just don't do it again and again without something happening. So she's one gutsy lady or stupid, one of the two. But something's going to happen to this woman. Something's going to silence her."

On a political messageboard online, one writer notes, "Who would have thought that Hillary's candidacy could be in trouble because she's not far enough to the left?"

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


In its call for the September 24 mass antiwar demonstration, the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition raised the slogan "End Colonial Occupation from Iraq, to Palestine, to Haiti, and Everywhere" in addition to the demand, "Bring the Troops Home Now, Stop the War in Iraq." A significant delegation from the Haitian community participated in the September 24 demonstration in Washington, D.C. The International Tribunal on Haiti’s Commission of Inquiry held its first meeting in Washington, DC on Friday, September 23, on the eve of the antiwar protests.

The Bush administration overthrew the democratically elected government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and imposed an occupation force and puppet government in Port-Au-Prince. The people in Haiti, like the people in Iraq, have been targeted by Bush's war for empire. They are heroically resisting the U.S., French, and U.N.-sponsored occupation. From the point of view of the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, standing in solidarity with the Haitian people is a fundamental task of the U.S. antiwar movement.

Kim Ives, a journalist with Haïti Progrès and member of the Haiti Support Network (HSN), which sits on the A.N.S.W.E.R. Steering Committee, traveled to Haiti from October 6 to 11 as part of the International Tribunal on Haiti’s Commission of Inquiry. The Commission was dispatched to gather evidence of and testimony about new massacres and other crimes against humanity committed in Haiti since Feb. 29, 2004, when U.S. soldiers kidnapped elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and flew him into exile.

Led by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, the Commission of Inquiry was announced at the opening session of the International Tribunal on Haiti held in Washington, DC on Sept. 23. The next session of the Tribunal will be held at Suffolk University in Boston on November 19, 2005.

The Commission met with over 50 witnesses who told of massacres, summary executions, torture, arbitrary arrests and many other human rights abuses being carried out by Haitian police and foreign occupation troops. The Commission also interviewed Haitian National Police (PNH) director Mario Andresol as well as a high-ranking officer in the U.N. Mission to Stabilize Haiti (MINUSTAH).

The new testimony gathered is expected to lead to new indictments. The Tribunal has already indicted 21 individuals of the PNH, MINUSTAH, former "rebels," and U.S., French and Canadian armed forces. Those convicted will be sent to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, for international criminal prosecution.

During its stay, the Commission met primarily with eye-witnesses and the relatives of victims of massacres in Cité Soleil, Belair, Nazon, Solino, Carrefour, Canapé Vert, Pernal, and Belladère. Hours of testimony and evidence were videotaped, photographed and recorded.

At a Port-au-Prince press conference just before leaving Haiti, Commission members explained the origin and mission of the International Tribunal on Haiti, read from the prosecution’s indictment, and gave some idea of whom they had been meeting with and what they were investigating.

Delegation leader Ramsey Clark condemned the "terrible police and military violence against the people of Haiti" in the framework of the Feb. 29, 2004 coup against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. "It is absolutely imperative for the future of Haiti and to peace on earth that there be accountability for these crimes," he said. "If international forces under the auspices of the United Nations can come to Haiti and engage in systematic summary executions of its people, what place on earth will be safe from that power?"

"The truth about the actions of U.N. military forces and Haitian police acting in cooperation with their own gangs, which commit murder, is essential to the future of this country," Clark said.

October 18, 2005

Thommy keeps talking about this dispair in America. What the hell is he talking about? Let's do a multiple choice on this topic.

Q: What are you dispaired about?

A. Unemployment at 4.9%
B. GNP growth at over 4%
C. Tax cuts for all tax payers
D. Democrats rooting for the terrorists and calling our troops Nazis.
E. All of the above.

Wow! Thoms guest admitted that the hippie/marxist movement in America was responsible for us losing that war. Finally someone admits what they have done. He also stated that Rosa Parks was a fraud and was trained by the NAACP. Funny how the truth comes out unexpectedly.

Whoops, there it is!!! The guest just admitted that he is a organizer. MOONBAT ALERT! MOONBAT ALERT!


Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2005 9:06 a.m. EDT
Dick Morris: Khobar Probe Sacrificed for Oil

Ex-president Bill Clinton didn't press Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah to help with the FBI's investigation into the June 1996 Khobar Towers bombing because he feared Abdullah would hike oil prices and hurt his reelection chances, according to former top Clinton advisor Dick Morris.

"Clinton was obsessed with gas prices," he recalls, in a column in Tuesday's New York Post.

"We would talk about them all the time. Every poll probed the issue and measured the level of popular animosity over their increase and the extent to which Clinton himself was blamed."

In the spring of 1996, oil prices began to spike - causing reelection jitters in the Oval Office.

Morris recalled that in one-on-one meetings with his boss, Clinton would tell him, "If gas goes down or stays the same, I'll be OK. But if it goes up, I'm cooked."

"In direct and indirect ways," says Morris, "Clinton sent messages to the Saudi monarchy: If you want to help me, you'll increase oil production and hold down prices."

At the time, recalls the former Clinton advisor, he was not aware that Clinton was going easy on the Saudi royal family as they stonewalled FBI requests to interview key witnesses in the Khobar case - an allegation leveled last week by former FBI director Louis Freeh.

But looking back, Morris says, it all makes sense.

"For Clinton to have picked up the phone and demanded that the Saudis let the FBI question their suspects would have risked annoying them by implying skepticism about their toughness on terrorism. And Clinton could not risk alienating Riyadh."

Instead - even as Clinton was publicly vowing to hunt the Khobar killers to the ends of the earth - he was signaling the Saudis, Morris said, that the Khobar probe was not his top priority, gas prices were."

Riyadh got the message. Morris noted that "as the summer faded, oil production rose and the price began to level off and then return to normal. Clinton was very relieved."

Monday, October 17, 2005


Holding Court
There's a crackdown over Miers, not a "crackup."

Monday, October 17, 2005 12:01 a.m.

I love being a conservative. We conservatives are proud of our philosophy. Unlike our liberal friends, who are constantly looking for new words to conceal their true beliefs and are in a perpetual state of reinvention, we conservatives are unapologetic about our ideals. We are confident in our principles and energetic about openly advancing them. We believe in individual liberty, limited government, capitalism, the rule of law, faith, a color-blind society and national security. We support school choice, enterprise zones, tax cuts, welfare reform, faith-based initiatives, political speech, homeowner rights and the war on terrorism. And at our core we embrace and celebrate the most magnificent governing document ever ratified by any nation--the U.S. Constitution. Along with the Declaration of Independence, which recognizes our God-given natural right to be free, it is the foundation on which our government is built and has enabled us to flourish as a people.

We conservatives are never stronger than when we are advancing our principles. And that's the nature of our current debate over the nomination of Harriet Miers. Will she respect the Constitution? Will she be an originalist who will accept the limited role of the judiciary to interpret and uphold it, and leave the elected branches--we, the people--to set public policy? Given the extraordinary power the Supreme Court has seized from the representative parts of our government, this is no small matter. Roe v. Wade is a primary example of judicial activism. Regardless of one's position on abortion, seven unelected and unaccountable justices simply did not have the constitutional authority to impose their pro-abortion views on the nation. The Constitution empowers the people, through their elected representatives in Congress or the state legislatures, to make this decision.
Abortion is only one of countless areas in which a mere nine lawyers in robes have imposed their personal policy preferences on the rest of us. The court has conferred due process rights on terrorists detained at Guantanamo Bay and benefits on illegal immigrants. It has ruled that animated cyberspace child pornography is protected speech, but certain broadcast ads aired before elections are illegal; it has held that the Ten Commandments can't be displayed in a public building, but they can be displayed outside a public building; and the court has invented rationales to skirt the Constitution, such as using foreign law to strike down juvenile death penalty statutes in over a dozen states.

For decades conservatives have considered judicial abuse a direct threat to our Constitution and our form of government. The framers didn't create a judicial oligarchy. They created a representative republic. Our opposition to judicial activism runs deep. We've witnessed too many occasions where Republican presidents have nominated the wrong candidates to the court, and we want more assurances this time--some proof. The left, on the other hand, sees the courts as the only way to advance their big-government agenda. They can't win national elections if they're open about their agenda. So, they seek to impose their policies by judicial fiat. It's time to call them on it. And that's what many of us had hoped and expected when the president made his nomination.

Some liberal commentators mistakenly view the passionate debate among conservatives over the Miers nomination as a "crackup" on the right. They are giddy about "splits" in the conservative base of the GOP. They are predicting doom for the rest of the president's term and gloom for Republican electoral chances in 2006. As usual, liberals don't understand conservatives and never will.

The Miers nomination shows the strength of the conservative movement. This is no "crackup." It's a crackdown. We conservatives are unified in our objectives. And we are organized to advance them. The purpose of the Miers debate is to ensure that we are doing the very best we can to move the nation in the right direction. And when all is said and done, we will be even stronger and more focused on our agenda and defeating those who obstruct it, just in time for 2006 and 2008. Lest anyone forget, for several years before the 1980 election, we had knockdown battles within the GOP. The result: Ronald Reagan won two massive landslides.

The real crackup has already occurred--on the left! The Democratic Party has been hijacked by 1960s retreads like Howard Dean; billionaire eccentrics like George Soros; and leftwing computer geeks like It nominated John Kerry, a notorious Vietnam-era antiwar activist, as its presidential standard-bearer. Its major spokesmen are old extremists like Ted Kennedy and new propagandists like Michael Moore. Its great presidential hope is one of the most divisive figures in U.S. politics, Hillary Clinton. And its favorite son is an impeached, disbarred, held-in-contempt ex-president, Bill Clinton.The Democratic Party today is split over the war and a host of cultural issues, such as same-sex marriage and partial birth abortion. It wants to raise taxes, but dares not say so. It can't decide what message to convey to the American people or how to convey it. And even its once- reliable allies in the big media aren't as influential in promoting the party and its agenda as they were in the past. The new media--talk radio, the Internet and cable TV--not only have a growing following, but have helped expose the bias and falsehoods of the big-media, e.g., Dan Rather, CBS News and the forged National Guard documents. Hence, circulation and audience is down, and dropping.

The American left is stuck trying to repeat the history of its presumed glory years. They hope people will see Iraq as Vietnam, the entirety of the Bush administration as Watergate and Hurricane Katrina as the Great Depression. Beyond looking to the past for their salvation, the problem is that they continue to deceive even themselves. None of their comparisons are true. Meanwhile, we conservatives will continue to focus on making history.

October 17, 2005

On and on about the war in Iraq and how we went to Iraq on false evidence, no plan and no exit strategy. Why do the left want us to lose in Iraq? Did you ever ask yourself that question? Why doest the left wing media present the situation in Iraq as a failure when the troops on the ground tell us the complete opposite? Why do the hate this country and want to put more of our troops in peril? Hell, we even had a US Senator call the troops - Nazis! What is in it for the left if we lose? The media even presented the successful vote on the Iraqi Constitution as a failure. Why is this?

Does the left have any decency left? I think not.
Well Delay Indictment is Even More of a Joke than First Thought
Monday, Oct. 17, 2005 9:59 a.m. EDT
Ronnie Earle: DeLay Evidence Missing

The most compelling piece of evidence cited by Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle to implicate House Majority Leader Tom DeLay in a money laundering and conspiracy case can't be located, Earle's prosecution team admitted on Friday.

Indictments against DeLay and fundraisers Jim Ellis and John Colyandro allege that Ellis gave "a document that contained the names of several candidates for the Texas House" to a Republican National Committee official in 2002, reports the Houston Chronicle.

The document was touted as proof that DeLay was part of a scheme to swap $190,000 in restricted corporate money for the same amount of money from individuals that could be legally used by Texas candidates.

But Earle's prosecution team told the court on Friday that they had only a "similar" list and not the one allegedly given to the RNC. Late in the day, they released a list of 17 Republican candidates in Texas, but fewer than half are alleged to have received money as part of the alleged DeLay plot.

DeLay's lawyer, Dick DeGuerin immediately pounced on the development, telling the Chronicle that the lack of a list "destroys" Earle's case against the three men.

"That's astonishing, astonishing that they would get a grand jury to indict and allege there is a list and then they have to admit in open court the first time they appear in open court that there is no list," DeGuerin said.

Prosecutor Earle engaged in similar tactics in 1993, when he twice indicted Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison for misuse of campaign funds, only to have the case dismissed both times. Earle indicted a third time, but when the case went to trial he failed to produce any evidence and was forced to dismiss all charges.


Brought to you from Bizzaro world. This is how out to lunch these people are; wondering if global warming causes earthquakes.

It just seems to me like perhaps major earthquakes are happening more frequently; perhaps not. So I'm wondering if there is a correlation between the number of strong earthquakes over time and atmospheric warming over time. I wasn't able to find anything over the internet, maybe some of you would be more succesful at it.

Mary Jo, Is That You?

Sen. Edward Kennedy Helps Rescue Fishermen

The Associated Press
Monday, October 17, 2005; 2:24 AM

HYANNIS, Mass. -- U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy attempted to rescue six men who had become trapped by high tide on a jetty off Hyannisport on Sunday.

The obese Massachusetts Democrat eventually left the rescue to Hyannis firefighters, The Cape Cod Times reported Monday.

Kennedy was walking his two dogs on the shore at 11:15 a.m. when he spotted the men cut off from shore by the rising waters. They had been fishing on a jetty that begins at the tip of the Kennedy compound.

Tides had risen over the patchy rocks, which made it difficult to walk back to shore.

Kennedy and a friend tried to rescue them using a Oldsmobile Delta 88 but there were no women stranded; so they turned back.

A crew from the Hyannis Fire Department picked them up. The men, in their 20s, were not identified. They were brought to Cape Cod Hospital with mild hypothermia.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Media Bias? DUH!

I actually heard some retarded caller of the hartmann show state something to the effect "... all the right wing media like NBC, CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC and MSNBC". I want some of what this EInstein is smoking.

Sunday, Oct. 16, 2005 8:07 a.m. EDT
Chris Wallace: Media Bias 'Astonishing'

"Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace said Friday that since leaving the mainstream networks behind to join Fox he's noticed an "astonishing" amount of biased reporting on the part of his former colleagues.

"I came from the mainstream media and I didn't used to feel this way," Wallace told WRKO Boston radio host Howie Carr.

In radio interviews he does to promote his Sunday broadcast, Wallace said, the questions he gets are almost always slanted against the Bush administration.

"They always ask negative questions about George Bush [like] 'How much trouble is he in? What's this mess in Iraq?'"

"I mean, it's quite astonishing to me."

Wallace said that the success of Fox News is a direct result of bias in the so-called objective press.

"Fox News wouldn't exist if it weren't for this kind of stuff going on in the mainstream media," he told Carr. "That's why people are fed up with that and want the antidote to it because they get it and they've gotten it for years - the so-called bias in the objective press."

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Violence in North Toledo after Nazi march canceled; mayor declares curfew

Residents gather on Stickney Avenue near Woodward High School.

Mayor Jack Ford declared a state of emergency this afternoon following a violent uprising in North Toledo that erupted following an aborted march by a group of Nazis.

He issued a citywide curfew starting at 8 p.m. tonight, tomorrow, and possibly Monday.

Mr. Ford said those protesting were mainly male gang members in their 20s. He said the protests were not triggered by race relations but by gang members with grievances.

"We went to talk to them. Most of them were gang members in full colors," the mayor said. "Their anger was based on some long-standing things but also that we had allowed the [Nazi] walk to occur in the first place."

North Toledo descended into chaos for several hours this afternoon after angry crowds who turned out to protest a planned march by a small group of National Socialist Movement calling themselves "America’s Nazi Party" erupted into violence.

A mob of at least 500 people threw bricks and rocks at police and vehicles, looted a bar at Central and Mulberry and started it on fire, and overturned a car at a North Toledo gas station and burned it.

There were reports of minor injuries to police and numerous arrests.

The violence started around noon as police were getting ready to escort about 15 Nazis on a march that was supposed to start at Wilson Park and continue on Mulberry Street and Bronson and Dexter Avenues, ending up back at the park.

Because of the violence - which broke out along Stickney Avenue away from the Nazis gathered in the park - police cancelled the march and told the Nazis to leave, which they did.

The violence began dying down around 4:30 p.m., according to Lt.
Frank Ramirez of the Toledo Police Department. But Mr. Ramizez said it was touch-and-go for several hours, and he was concerned about possible violence tonight.

"Originally, it was just crowd control. Then it went out of control,"
he said. "We just had to scramble" to bring in more police officers to back up the already beefed up presence of 150 officers on hand for the Nazi march.

"It was a mob. Obviously, the unexpected happened," Mr. Ramirez said.

He estimated at least 60 percent of Toledo’s police force was on duty just in the North Toledo area because of the violence, and the Lucas County sheriff’s office also was on hand.

Toledo Police chief Mike Navarre praised his officers, saying they "performed remarkably" and showed a lot of restraint. Before sending in police in force to make arrests at around 3:30 p.m., Mayor Ford and Toledo Fire Department chief Mike Bell approached the mob and attempted to negotiate a compromise. But as they talked, and as the crowd yelled and screamed at them, looters broke into the bar at Central and Mulberry and began taking merchandise.

Mr. Bell eventually began walking back toward a large group of police shaking his head.

"No more negotiating," he said. "We’re done. They just set a building on fire."

Chief Navarre said there were upwards of several dozen arrests made but he did not have exact numbers. He added that some police officers and fire fighters were injured in the melee but their injuries were not serious.

The chief said police could have arrested hundreds of people who were involved in incidents of looting, burning businesses, and throwing rocks.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Planet Sees Warmest September on Record
Oct 14 2:38 PM US/Eastern

Worldwide, it was the warmest September on record, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Friday.

Averaging 1.13 degrees Fahrenheit (0.63 degree Celsius) above normal for the month, it was the warmest September since the beginning of reliable records in 1880, according to NOAA's National Climatic Data Center.

The second warmest September was in 2003 with an average temperature of 1.02 degrees Fahrenheit (0.57 Celsius) above the mean.

For the United States it was the fourth warmest September on record.

The average U.S. temperature for the month was 2.6 degrees (1.4 C) above average.

Only the West Coast and parts of the Rockies were near normal. Louisiana had its warmest September in 111 years of national records and an additional 27 states ranked much above average.

Some cities also set new records for warmest average September temperatures including: Houston-Galveston, Texas; London, Ky.; Shreveport, La.; and Raleigh-Durham, N.C.

For the month, rain and snowfall across the country were below average, with unusually dry conditions for much of the East Coast and parts of the Plains and Northwest. Georgia, South Carolina and Maryland had their driest September on record.

More Terrorists Will Meet Their PIG Maker in Russia

Putin: "We'll be ruthless with rebels"

Oct 14, 7:59 AM (ET)

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Rebels who try to attack Russian targets in future will be decisively crushed, President Vladimir Putin said on Friday after his security forces killed scores of gunmen who attacked the southern town of Nalchik.

"Our actions must be commensurate with all the threats that bandits pose for our country. We will act as toughly and consistently as we did on this occasion," Itar-Tass news agency quoted Putin as saying.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

October 13, 2005

Free health care is the topic today. Why don't we just enact Billy Clinton's health care plan of just "putting ice on it"; like he told Juanita Broderick after raping her and almost biting her lip off to keep her still?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


The Nutball Commie from Venezula believes that earthquakes are caused by capitalism. Hillareous stuff:

Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2005 5:35 p.m. EDT
Chavez: Capitalism Caused Quakes

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez believes natural disasters around the globe are rooted in capitalism.

As reported by Agence France-Presse, Chavez, in a radio and TV interview, said the recent earthquakes in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, and the mudslides in Mexico and Guatemala were nature’s answer to a "world global capitalist model” that has left the world "dangerously off balance.”

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

October 11, 2005

Host proposed making everyone eligible for the failed, fraud riddled Medicare program to create a national health care program. He says, sure we'd have to raise taxes; but hey you'd free crappy health care. Why stop there? Don't you think that everyone should have free food also? Okay then, let's open up food stamps for everyone. Bring back the government cheese program for God's sake. It is also unfair that people in their 30s can't retire. Well, let's make them eligible for SSI. It's only fair.

The primary problem with this plan is that raising taxes will pay for nothing and as has been proven time after time after time - when you lower taxes; revenues increase. The left has this foggy notion that when you change tax policy, people don't change their behavior to avoid tax rate hikes or increase their consumption when taxes are lowered.

What is really funny is that these are the same people who complained about FEMA not doing their job; but they have no problem with the government being responsible for their health care and eventually thier lives.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Monday, Oct. 10, 2005 4:02 p.m. EDT
Hugo Chavez Divests $15B from U.S.


Venezuela has transferred about half of its $30 billion in foreign reserves out of the U.S. in what appears to be a politically motivated move engineered by U.S.-bashing strongman Hugo Chavez, the Financial Times is reporting.

A director of Venezuela’s central bank, Domingo Maza Zavala, said that during the past four months about $14.4 billion of the bank’s operational reserves were deposited at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.

Most of the money had previously been invested in U.S. Treasuries or deposited in U.S. banks.

According to the Times, analysts say the bank had most likely acted under pressure from Chavez.

"The fact that Chavez announced it several days before the central bank board verified the move leaves the market to suspect that political pressure was exercised at some point,” said Vitali Meschoulam, emerging markets strategist at HSBC Securities in New York.

Chavez, a frequent critic of the U.S., has warned that the Bush administration could "confiscate” some of Venezuela’s assets if American-Venezuelan relations deteriorated.

Thanks to higher oil prices, Venezuela’s international reserves have doubled since 2003.

Zavala said the reason behind the U.S.-to-Switzerland transfer was "financial” and not political.

But Jose Guerra, former economic research chief at the central bank, said: "The reason is eminently political, and it’s a further example of the central bank’s loss of autonomy.”

A Little Funny I Found Over in BizzaroLand

This comes your way via the anti-US site

Why Counter Recruitment?

Counter-recruitment work is a central part of an effective strategy to end the war and the occupation of Iraq, and US military imperialism in general.

Counter-recruitment organizing addresses the impacts of war, militarism, and the poverty draft in our communities and schools.

When we organize against military recruitment, we are not only getting involved in our communities and working to stop this war - we are also questioning the whole system that the military is built on. We are fighting the way that recruiters prey on the lack of affordable housing, healthcare, and the decrepit state of our schools. We are refusing to fight in an unjust war.

But most importantly, we are building skills and resources within the emerging generation of youth leadership for justice.

Pro Iraqi Freedom Frau Defeats Demo-Socialist

Funny how the Pro-Bush Agenda Candidates Keep Winning Elections. Maybe the left wing media isn't telling us truth about their citizens being anti-war.


Tuesday October 11, 12:11 AM
Germany gets first female chancellor as Schroeder concedes

Germany broke new political ground as Angela Merkel won the battle to be its first female chancellor, heading a government uniting the country's two biggest parties and ending Gerhard Schroeder's grip on power.

Schroeder, who has led Europe's biggest economy for the past seven years, will play no role in the new left-right administration, sources in his Social Democrats (SPD) said on Monday, but secured key ministries for his party.

Merkel immediately said there was no alternative to urgent reforms designed to revive the ailing economy, crippled by sluggish growth and unemployment at currently more than 11 percent.

She said the accord would pave the way for formal coalition negotiations, probably to start next week, and her Christian Union alliance would take six ministries, with the SPD getting eight cabinet posts.

"We have achieved something big, we have the basis for coalition talks," she told a press conference.

"We agree that we have no alternative to the reform process. We have set our aim to create a coalition that stands for new policies."

Pressed by reporters how she felt, Merkel broke into a smile. "I feel good, but a lot of work lies ahead of us."

News of the deal -- the last time Germany had a so-called grand coalition was in the 1960s -- saw the euro rise against the dollar and was welcomed by the country's European neighbours.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair sent his congratulations.

"The prime minister congratulates Angela Merkel on her elevation and hopes to be speaking to her later this afternoon," his official spokesman said.

A spokeswoman for European Commission head Jose Manuel Barroso said he "was happy that the period of waiting is over" and French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy said he was "delighted that Germany is moving out of a period of uncertainty."

Washington said it looked forward to working with her. "We welcome Angela Merkel being designated chancellor," State Department spokesman Tom Casey told AFP, adding that the United States hope to strengthen bilateral ties further.

US-German ties plunged to freezing point when Schroeder refused to provide any military support for the US-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003, and Merkel said earlier Monday that she hoped to improve relations.

The deal was hammered out after three weeks of intense negotiations since a September 18 general election gave Merkel's party only a four-seat advantage over the SPD.

However it remains unclear how the division of responsibilities will affect Merkel's ability to run what may be a fractious government.

According to reports citing sources close to the SPD, the Social Democrats will take the key ministries of foreign affairs, finance, labour and justice, as well as health, aid and cooperation, transport and environment.

Merkel's conservatives would have economy, interior, defence, agriculture, education and family ministries.

Edmund Stoiber, the state premier of Germany's most wealthy region Bavaria, confirmed he would take over the economy portfolio.

Peter Struck, currently the defence minister, may switch to become foreign minister, according to some reports.

Merkel's elevation caps a remarkable rise for the daughter of a Protestant pastor who moved to communist East Germany in the 1950s.

She will be the first woman at the head of a major European country since Edith Cresson's brief stint as French premier in the early 1990s.

Schroeder, 61, swept to power in 1998 in a coalition with the Greens on the back of a demand for change after 16 years of conservative reign under Helmut Kohl.

But despite his charisma, he lost the confidence of voters after failing to bring down unemployment or to dispel a sense of malaise stifling the national mood.

Seven years on, with his government struggling to push through sweeping but deeply unpopular structural reforms to revive the economy, his party won just 34.2 percent of the vote in an election he had called a year early in a bid to secure a fresh mandate for his controversial reforms.

Analysts say a stable government may be able to push through at least some of the reforms needed to get the eurozone's biggest economy back on its feet.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Let's review Bush's impact since 2000 at home and abroad, in no particular order:

1. Lied about WMD. WRONG
2. Unilaterally invaded a sovereign nation without provocation and justification. WRONG
3. Lied during State of the Union speech re: Niger Uranium. WRONG
4. Responsible for pre-9/11 intelligence failures in White House, CIA, FBI. WRONG
5. Allowed 9-11 murderers to remain free while diverting precious military and financial resources to his vanity war in Iraq. WRONG
6. Lied about Saddam/bin Laden connection. WRONG
7. Turned Iraq into a terrorist breeding ground. GOOD!
8. Lied about nation-building. WRONG
9. Opposed creation of 9-11 Commission and Homeland Security Department. WELL WE ALL SAW WHAT A FRAUD THAT COMMISION REPORT WAS.
10. Disrespected and alienated the U.S. from French, German and other key allies. GOOD
11. Lied to Americans about the real cost of war. WRONG
12. Fostered an environment of torture at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. WRONG
13. Lined Halliburton's pockets in Afghanistan and Iraq with fat no-bid contracts. YOU TALKING ABOUT CLINTON OR BUSH?
14. Under-manned and under-equipped our armed forces in Iraq, resulting in unnecessary death and injuries. OH OKAY, YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT CLINTON
15. Ignored the nuclear build-up in both Iran and N.Korea; marginalized Kim Jong Il. WRONG
16. Shunned Kyoto Treaty. GOOD!
17. Lied about effects of man-made pollutants on the environment to support corporate pals. HUH?
18. Lied about the insolvency of Social Security. WRONG
19. Gave huge cuts to the wealthiest taxpayers. WRONG
20. Lied about true cost of health care bill. WHO CARES
21. Lied about Free Trade stand. WRONG
22. Bitterly divided the nation along religious, party and sexual preference lines. GOOD
23. Guilty of numerous cronyism appointments (Homeland Security, Supreme Court, etc) STILL ON CLINTON?
24. Rewarded failures of Condi Rice and other cronies with key promotions. FAILURES?
25. Dreadful energy policies lead to record gas and oil prices. TOO FUNNY.
26. Responsible for the largest debt in U.S. history. WRONG
27. Colossal failure of preparedness, rescue and relief during Hurricane Katrina. WRONG. PROVEN TO BE THE FAILURE OF LOCAL AND STATE CORRUPT DEMONUTS
28. Fostered a culture of corruption among GOP and top leadership (Tom Delay, etc).WRONG
29. Allowed Donald Rumsfeld to keep job despite utter failure in Iraq. WRONG
30. Presided over the U.S.'s lowest popularity throughout the world. GOOD
31. Saw No Child Left Behind fail. WRONG
32. Lied last week about Iraqi troop strength during Saturday radio address. Directly contradicted by testimony given earlier in the week by Gen. Abizaid. WHO CARES?

Friday, October 07, 2005


This is posted at the top of the hartmann website. If you want to know how far the left has fallen, I suggest you go see it for yourself and then email the host to have it removed.

Here's a Great One From One of the Leftist Sites

Which of the following was the reason George Bush won in 2004?

(A.)Massive Voter Fraud
(B.)Ruthless Republicans
(C.)The DNC was ineffective
(D.)Gullible American People
(E.)Swift Boat Vets for Revenge
(F.)The Kerry Campaign was too weak
(G.)Karl Rove and Frank Luntz were too smart
(H.)Corporate Friendly, Consolidated News Media
(I.)All of The Above

I believe the answer here is (I.) All of The Above and I’m pretty sure there are a few more that belong in this list. The Gay Marriage issue was a strategic scam that allowed Republicans to put Gay Marriage issues on the ballot of many battleground states. They used a loophole in the campaign finance laws that allowed them to raise unlimited and unregulated money to identify conservative voters in those states and make sure they turned out.

This comes from our good socialist friends at:

HUGO CHAVEZ: The Left Wing's Favorite Terrorist

This leader of the "people" has become an icon for the left wing nuts as of late; because he socks it to the rich. Nevermind that he has stolen vast amounts of money and power for himself and is indeed the richest person in Venezula. Here's who the left fascists have placed their admiration on:

Chavez first ran for president on a reform platform, winning in a landslide. What few understood then was that Chavez planned to revolutionize the country following a plan masterminded by his longtime friend Norberto Ceresole, an Argentinian writer infamous for his books denying the Holocaust and his conspiracy theories about Jewish plans to control the planet.

A self-described Communist and fascist, Ceresole became an expert in national socialism after designing Juan Domingo Peron's electoral platform in Argentina. In Ceresole's hands, representative democracy mutates into "participatory" systems led by cult-like figures; tellingly, Chavez praises the "participatory democracy" of Libya, Syria, Iran, and Cuba.

In an interview with Voice of America in 1999, the late Constantine Menges of the Hudson Institute predicted that "Chavez will stir up revolution and violence throughout Latin America. The longer he is in power, the more he can use the oil wells of Venezuela to do so."

There is now incontrovertible evidence, for instance, that Chavez has financed, harbored, and supplied weapons to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, Colombia's narcoterrorists.

He has signed treaties for "technological cooperation" with the dictators of Libya, Iran, and Syria. He has numerous business interests in those countries, and has publicly described the terror-sponsors who rule them as his "partners" and "friends." The feeling is mutual. Iran and Libya have hundreds of millions invested in Venezuela. Significantly, Chavez was the only foreign leader to visit Saddam Hussein after the first Gulf war. During his visit he embraced Saddam and called him "brother."

That expression of solidarity is chilling. During the last six years, Chavez has restructured Venezuela's institutions and policies to extend his rule; he has concentrated his power, and he has disabled the democratic opposition. Always proceeding with the patina of popular support and the pretense of legality, he has used a constituent assembly to establish a new constitution giving him wide powers. He has packed the courts with loyal judges and purged the military of anyone who might oppose his orders. The Chavez government has severely restricted freedom of the press, most recently banning any public or private expression of opposition to the government. After winning a Jimmy Carter-endorsed August 2004 referendum marred by accusations of fraud and voter harassment, Chavez revved up his revolutionary project.

From Iran, Chavez traveled to China, where he announced that China would replace the United States as the principal beneficiary of Venezuelan oil. By the end of his trip, Chavez had signed agreements with President Hu Jintao granting the China National Petroleum Corporation control of 15 Venezuelan oil fields, thereby securing for China a billion barrels of Venezuelan crude. Shortly after, Chavez declared himself a Marxist-Leninist in a speech in Calcutta. He then signed petroleum agreements with the Indian government while again indicating his desire to cut off Venezuelan oil exports to the United States.

October 7, 2005

Borsch with Bernie day. Of course the show is filled with more class warfare and worrying about how much money the "rich" have. It's funny you never hear these clowns criticizing Ted Killer Kennedy for being a trust fund baby. A trust fund I may add was created illegally by the great Kennedy Rum Runners.

Callers phoned in worried about the fascist state we have in America now. Guess they didn't read the new article about the left wing fascist Bill "Put Some Ice on That" Clinton ordering IRS audits on his enemies.

What is the BBC Reporting These Days?

The Euro-elitists have some strange belief that the people in this country are all poor compared to them. Where do they get this crap? Must be from the communist media over the pond. For instance, I saw someone reply to a post on a message board with:

"Define "minority". I think you and I must mean something different by that, because my bet would be that the MAJORITY of households in America is either poor or in dire straits.

I don't know what socialist country this person resides in; but I guess the belief over there is if the government is not providing food, shelter and some guaranteed government job to you, you must be poor.

See, the Euros don't understand America; and they couldn't succeed here if they lived here. They are used to Daddy Government taking care of them; plus they'd have to give up their state mandated 8 weeks of vacation a year.

Here's another post by this retard:

If that's how you want to go through life, cool with me, however, I think you're an imbecil, not worth spending another second on. Have a good one and cya, trollboy. Ignoring them is usually best, especially if Thom refuses to ban the lot of them (as I think he should).

See how tolerant and inclusive they are!

For the left it always comes down to name calling when they have lost the arguement. They are full of hate for this country and what it stands for and I'm sure they have become so frustrated that no matter what they do or say, true Americans support this President and his work.

I'm going to continue to post remarks like this from the moonbat message boards; because I know a lot of people don't pay visits to them and you should know how they "think". They are dangerous, angry people and mean this country harm. In fact they are not anti-Bush; they are pro-terrorist.

BILL CLINTON: The True Left Wing Fascist

Friday, Oct. 7, 2005 11:14 a.m. EDT
Lindsey Graham: Release Clinton IRS Report

Sen. Lindsey Graham is calling on the three judge panel overseeing the investigation of Independent Counsel David Barrett to release Barrett's final report, which reportedly includes evidence of political motivated IRS audits launched by the Clinton administration.

"We spent $22 million [on Barrett's investigation]. We ought to be able to read the report," Graham told Fox News Radio's Tony Snow on Friday.

The document, finished 13 months ago, has been bottled up by the panel - with Democrats in the Senate making an unsuccessful bid earlier this year to quash its publication.

Sen. Graham said he sympathized with those who may have been targeted with bogus audits, telling Snow, "I was involved in impeachment. I can tell you what it's like to be involved on the receiving end of some of this."

Former IRS Commissioner Peggy Richardson, who remains a close friend of the Clintons, is among the officials cited in the report, sources told the New York Daily News last week.

The Clinton's Washington firm, Williams and Connolly, has pressed the three judge panel to delete damaging portions of Barrett's report, arguing that allegations of illegal activity, for which no charges were filed, should be snipped before the report is made public.

"We're told the Barrett report will be an eye-opener," the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. "It is the first time the IRS has ever been investigated using grand jury subpoena powers."

Many of the Clintons most vocal accusers found themselves targeted by suspicious IRS audits during the 1990s, including Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick. Elizabeth Ward Gracen and former travel office chief Billy Dale.

In 1997, Ms. Jones confidential tax returns were leaked to the Daily News in an effort to show she was profiting from her lawsuit against Mr. Clinton.

More than a dozen conservative organizations were also hit with IRS probes, including the Heritage Foundation, the National Rifle Association and the Freedom Alliance.

Ms. Richardson and Mrs. Clinton go back to their days together at Yale Law School. Richardson served on the Clintons transition team in 1992 before being appointed to head up the IRS.

Before leaving the post in 1997, Richardson denied that her agency had launched politically targeted audits, calling the allegations "inaccurate", "misleading", and "unfounded."

Sen. Graham's call for the release of Barrett's report may put his own relationship with Mrs. Clinton back into the deep freeze. In recent years, the South Carolina Republican has collaborated with the former first lady on veterans issues and offered nothing but praise.

"I think all of her colleagues on both sides respect her work ethic and the way she conducts herself," Graham said two years ago.

BILL CLINTON: Terrorists Best Friend

The former top G-man is set to appear on CBS "60 Minutes" to detail his scathing revelations, including a claim that Clinton hit up Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah for a donation to his presidential library after signaling he wouldn't press him on the Khobar probe.
"The former president declined to respond to this charge," CBS News reports on its web site. The Clinton camp told the Washington Post that "60 Minutes" would not accept any surrogate to rebut Freeh on camera once the former president declined to be interviewed.

Daniel Benjamin, a former Clinton counterterrorism official, said Freeh is "factually wrong." Clinton "pushed the crown prince quite hard," and eventually won Saudi cooperation that led to indictments in the case.

"Freeh has been clearly discredited by the 9/11 commission and the congressional joint inquiry," Benjamin insisted.

But Freeh may have witnesses who can back his story - including former President Bush.

In a 2003 op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, Freeh wrote that he turned to Bush 41 for help with the Khobar probe after Clinton refused.
"After months of inaction, I finally turned to the former President Bush, who immediately interceded with [Saudi] Crown Prince Abdullah on the FBI's behalf," Freeh revealed.

"Mr. Bush personally asked the Saudis to let the FBI do one-on-one interviews of the detained Khobar bombers. The Saudis immediately acceded," he explained. "This was the investigative breakthrough for which we had been waiting for several years."

Freeh blamed Clinton's personal scandals for distracting both the White House and the FBI as the terrorist threat grew.

MoonBat Moron of the Month

RENO, Nev.

A woman was booted off a Southwest Airlines flight for wearing a T- shirt that bore an expletive and images of President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Lorrie Heasley of Woodland, Wash., said she plans to press a civil- rights complaint against the airline over Tuesday's action at Reno- Tahoe International Airport, halfway through Heasley's scheduled trip from Los Angeles to Portland, Ore.

"I have cousins in Iraq and other relatives going to war," Heasley told the Reno Gazette-Journal. "Here we are trying to free another country and I have to get off an airplane ... over a T-shirt. That's not freedom."

Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Marilee McInnis said several passengers complained about the shirt.

Heasley, a 32-year-old lumber saleswoman, said passengers began complaining after she and her husband, Ron, moved to the front of the cabin in Reno.

She agreed to cover the words with a sweatshirt, but when the sweatshirt slipped while she was trying to sleep, she was ordered to wear her T-shirt inside-out or leave.

She and her husband left. They arrived home in a rental car Wednesday afternoon

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

October 4, 2005

I literally fell off of my chair today when I heard Thom state that the ACLU is not a partisan left wing organization. Maybe the host would like to see which party they donate to insted of taking the word of an ACLU lawyer.

Funny how the ACLU wasn't worried about people's privacy being infringed upon when Uncle Billy was in the Whitehouse stealing peoples FBI files.

Host also likes to use the term "Reich Wing" a lot. Obviously Thom knows that Nazis were left wing socialists; but conveniently forgets this to get his moonbat base fired up.

General Hartmann informed us all that if the Louisiana National Guard was back at home, everything in New Orleans would have been just fine. Forgot to mention that only 10% of the Guard are in Iraq at this time. He then quoted a known liar, Gov Blanco, who said that she didn't use the busses she had because she was waiting on FEMA busses. If you remember, Blanco came up with this excuse 2 weeks after Katrina struck.
Peak Oil Fraud

'Peak Oil' Scam Unravels, Oil Reserves Increasing

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Could this be the beginning of the end of the so-called "Peak Oil Scare Scam"?

You know - the one where they say, "Help, help, we're running out of oil.That's why the price of gas is going up. That's why the US invaded Iraq. That's why... blah blah blah." Don't hold your breath. As long as well-paid disinfo guys like Mike Ruppert are doing speaking engagements, all bets are off, pal.)

Eugene Island is an underwater mountain located about 80 miles off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico. In 1973 oil was struck and off-shore platform Eugene 330 erected. The field began production at 15,000 barrels a day, then gradually fell off, as is normal, to 4,000 barrels a day in 1989.

Then came the surprise; it reversed itself and increased production to 13,000 barrels a day. Probable reserves have been increased to 400 million barrels from 60 million.

The field appears to be filling from below and the crude coming up today is from a geological age different from the original crude, which leads to the speculation that the world has limitless supplies of petroleum.
New Tax Stats are Out Today

For the moonbats who think the rich don't "pay their fair share"

In 2004, the top 50% of wage earners paid 95% of all federal taxes and the top 1% of wage earners paid 31% of all taxes.

Now, who needs the tax cuts?

Some more twisted logic from over yonder in Moonville:

Thom said on the radio yesterday, there may well be more blacks in jail, but the total sum of the value of all blue collar crime (whatever the colour) came to less then half what Ken Lay stole, let alone all white collar crime, which tends to be carried out mostly by whites, or deaths due to dangerous products and emissions from mostly white-owned corporations. It’s also one twentieth of the cost of the illegal war in Iraq, and only twice the amount that has simply “gone missing” in Iraq.

There are more blacks in jail because two thirds of those in jail are there for drug offences. Whilst blacks make up 14% of drug users, they make up 35% of arrests, and 75% of those jailed.

Thom failed to mention that Ken Lay stole his money in the 1990s because policies enacted by the Clintons made it possible to get away with.

Monday, October 03, 2005

They Got Nothin'

Raise your hand if this is the type of response you get from a moonbat once you win the arguement or state a conflicting view from their Kool-Aid enduced vision of the world:

You're a Nazi. You are the enemy of the People. You are the enemy of America. Shame on you.

Nevermind that you produce facts or links to articles to back up your statements - you are a Nazi, rascist and yes the grand daddy of all, a homophobe. They have indeed lost their minds.


This is an exerpt from the new non-fiction book by Candice Jackson about Ms. Hillary and her role in enabling her husband to be the sexual preditor that hes is.

She felt "a little bit uneasy" meeting him in her hotel room, but felt a "real friendship toward this man" and didn't feel any "danger" in him coming to her room. When Clinton arrived she had coffee ready on a little table under a window overlooking a river. Then "he came around me and sort of put his arm over my shoulder to point to this little building and he said he was real interested if he became governor to restore that little building and then all of a sudden, he turned me around and started kissing me. And that was a real shock." Broaddrick pushed him away and said, "No, please don't do that" and told Clinton she was married. But he tried to kiss her again. This time he bit her upper lip. She tried to pull away from him but he forced her onto the bed. "And I just was very frightened, and I tried to get away from him and I told him 'No,' that I didn't want this to happen, but he wouldn't listen to me." But he "was such a different person at that moment, he was just a vicious awful person." At some point she stopped resisting. She explained, "It was a real panicky, panicky situation. I was even to the point where I was getting very noisy, you know, yelling to 'Please stop.' And that's when he pressed down on my right shoulder and he would bite my lip."

Clinton didn't linger long afterward. "When everything was over with, he got up and straightened himself, and I was crying at the moment and he walks to the door, and calmly puts on his sunglasses. And before he goes out the door he says, 'You better get some ice on that.' And he turned and went out the door." The whole encounter lasted less than 30 minutes, but it changed Juanita Broaddrick's life forever.

Broaddrick was too upset to stay for the nursing home meeting, so she and Norma drove the two hours back to Van Buren immediately, stopping for more ice to apply to Broaddrick's swollen mouth. On the drive back, Norma says, Broaddrick was in shock, and very upset, blaming herself for letting Clinton into her room. "But who, for heaven's sake, would have imagined anything like this?" Broaddrick said years later. "This was the attorney general – and it just never entered my mind." In her NBC interview, Broaddrick said she didn't tell her then-husband, Gary Hickey, who says now that he doesn't remember her lip being swollen (she says she explained that to him as an accident). Broaddrick did tell her now-husband, David Broaddrick, soon after she returned home, that she had been assaulted by Clinton. David Broaddrick recalls that her lip was "black" and "mentally she was in bad shape." Broaddrick told three other friends soon after the attack, all of whom vouch for her story.

October 3, 2005

Host still throwing around the lie that Gore received more votes in Florida in 2000. He keeps quoting that major newspapers proved this; yet the NY Times, Washington Post and LA Times all printed that any reccount would not have let Algore steal the election. What paper is he quoting? The Nation?

Host also fiddled with the notion that Bush may be indicted for treason. MOONBAT ALERT! How the hell would that happen? We had a president named President Pantload who sold top secret nuclear technology to communists for campaign donations and he didn't even receive a slap on the wrist.

Again compared Bush to Hitler. Wow, how does someone get away with this crap?

Made the false statement again that FDR's government programs and welfare got us out of the Great Depression. Actually the WPA and other welfare put us further into depression and it wasn't until FDR got us into that illegal, immoral war against Germany, who did not attack us, based on lies did the depression begin to end.

Well, looks like Thom got his marching orders from the dems this morning. I received the same email that said to use the word "crony" to describe the President's nominee for the supreme court. Well in two hours, Thommy has used it around 30 times. Good Boy Thommy. Do you like ice in your Kool Aid?
Another Lefty Disgusted by Thom's Lies and Misuse of Quotes:
I just know injustice when I see it. I have heard Franken's program. Franken will make a superb politician, because he knows when to backup from going down the wrong road. Thom just blasted down a dark road without reading a map. I don't want Thom leading me anywhere.

Anyone with common sense knows Bennet is not a racist. Franken recognizes that. I actually prefer a free exchange of ideas, rather than constantly checking the politically correct police for direction. You must take someone as a whole..........not one sentence out of context. Anyone who does that loses all credibility. Thom gets the double "F" for actually seeing the quote and thinking nothing of it, but upon direction or reflection, decides it is a purposely racist statement.

Host Calls for the Murder of White Repulicans

Host claims that White Republicans should be aborted because:

1. They run corporations that pollute
2. They run corporations that steal our money through corruption. (Of course he brought up Ken Lay; but failed to mention that his crimes occurred in the 1990s with full knowledge of the Clinton administration. Actually, it was the Clinton policies that made it possible for Lay to do what he did.
3. White's commit more drug crimes

Wonder if this will make the nightly news. I guess it would if Thom actually had an audience of over 1000 listeners.
Host still proclaiming the Reagan ran a trillion dollar deficit. Well we all know that the President doesn't spend any money - it was Tip Oneil and the demoRat congress that spent us into deficits.

LEFT WING MEDIA: "Commander in Chief" Pure DemoRat Propoganda


Choking back tears, COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF star Donald Sutherland warned this week: President Bush "will destroy our lives!"

The star of the new ABC drama, which follows the first woman President of the United States, lashed out at the real White House during a dramatic sit down interview with the BBC.

Sutherland ripped Bush and his administration for the war and Hurricane Katrina fallout.

"They were inept. The were inadequate to the task, and they lied," Sutherland charged.

"And they were insulting, and they were vindictive. And they were heartless. They did not care. They do not care. They do not care about Iraqi people. They do not care about the families of dead soldiers. They only care about profit."

At one point during the session, Sutherland started crying: "We've stolen our children's future... We have children. We have children. How dare we take their legacy from them. How dare we. It's shameful. What we are doing to our world."

Sutherland went on rip Karl Rove's "methods and means" against people like Cindy Sheehan.

"We're back to burning books in Germany," Sutherland said of NBC's editing out of Kanye West's comment on Bush during a hurricane relief telethon.